Mastani – Purely Pune Phenomenon; and they say it is not an Ice Cream!

To know who “The real Mastani” was you may need to refer Pune / Bundelkhand history and to know when and how “Mastani the Drink” took birth; you may need to venture in to old Pune Budhwar Peth area to locate “Gujar Mastani”. Is there any connection between two “Mastanis”? Well…frankly; I am not aware of it. But hang on! If you are looking for an easier Mastani alternative around Baner/ Pashan, this small outlet of Sujata Mastani Chain at the basement/ ground floor of “Sai Empire” where Regalia Lounge is located has the answer in form of a concoction of ice cream, thick milk shake, flavors, fruits / dry fruits etc.

Mastani is available in
Popular flavors… vanilla, chocolate, mango, pineapple, butterscotch etc 
Seasonal flavors… Custard apple (during rains), Strawberry (right now) and yes Mango (coming soon) etc
Dry fruits… Cashew, pistachio, saffron etc.
Special category… hybrids of above

Two sizes of glasses… small or large served with fluid and scoop of ice cream. To help you eat and drink, the glass comes with a “poor quality plastic spoon” and a “thin straw” which will take a test of your sipping strength. Ice cream scoop floating in the fluid will have lots of frost (ice crystals). Tissue paper is available on request.

I had

Mango Mastani – It was not the real thing but good enough for the sweet tooth. 

Strawberry Mastani – It was the real thing and I could feel the strains of fruits in ice cream as well as fluid. Nice.

Pineapple and Chocolate Mastani parcel. All were small glasses ranged between Rs 50 (Mango) to Rs 65 (Strawberry)

Ice-creams also available and yes! Shakes too (but only flavors and no real stuff).