As much avoidable during weekdays as convenient place on weekends; Dine in or Take Away! It doesn’t really matter.

Many of the HP Fuel Stations in the city have some kind of F&B joint in the premises and this one at Hinjewadi has McDonald’s.


I went to D Mart Hinjewadi with Li’l one during daytime this Sunday. Looking at the outlet at the fuel station, she asked for French Fries. Drove through and there was absolutely no crowed, the female staff on the “drive through counter” was very courteous. I asked for usual fries and cost told was Rs 51. It was logical and made sense to go for value meal paying additional few more bucks and did that. Got a burger, small fries and small coke in return and as I was about to drive out; the staff politely requested to stop for a minute. Voila! A McDonald’s balloon, such little kind gestures (read promotion and brand building strategies) have deep impact on the tender minds of kids; forcing parents to revisit again.

Good enough.