Though, it has changed a bit in past few years but amid greenery with comforting ambiance, the spirit of the place remained the same.

Old school type place, wooden furniture with conventional seating arrangement as well as close to Persian style seating, rustic looks, decent natural illumination at day time but low (candlelight) in the evening, continuous Jazz in the background… cumulatively, it amounts to a nice ambiance.

This visit was during early evening and the place was not crowded. We settled for low rise seating arrangement towards corner and I could smell mosquito repellant coil in air. It started offbeat because “the draft on the tap” was not available due to recently change government policy of licensing fee structure etc (complex stuff). Only limited stock… KF draught cans, Heineken and one more overseas brand.

I have been here many a times in the past many years and covered majority of preparations on the Menu; I will say that though the Menu does not have huge width but whatever preparations are on the offer; majority of them are tasteful and nice. It includes salads, soups, verity Kababs, Gravy/Dry Veg-NonVeg preparations, breads, Biryanis, mid-east preparation, some continental preparation, desserts etc.

We skipped the soups and went ahead with starters and main course.









Veg Patter- Corn kababs, Hara Bhara kababs, baked potatoes in spicy red marinade (great), baked potatoes in cheese, mushroom (nice), two types of Paneer Tikkas… one in green and other in red (high on color but low on warmth) served with sour salad, a dip (which was low on mint and freshness) and ketchup. All were about 4 pieces each. Did not like corn kababs though (complex and unclear taste)

Roti- Prepared from wheat dough and garnished with white sesame seeds, well cooked, tender and served warm.

Garlic Butter Nan- Thin and tender with generous layer of butter served warm.

Tandoori Paratha- Multi layered, soft and tasteful, full of fat. Yum!

Dal Tadka- Yellow dal with tasteful tadka layer with two whole chilies on top, garnished with coriander. Great and must eat.

Mix Veg- Assorted colorful chunky vegetables in orange base gravy, mildly spicy and tasteful stuff.

Veg Biryani@230- Nice preparation, neither wet nor dry, chunky vegetables, deep taste of crispy fried onions and touch of mint leaves. Yum!

A Pint and A Can (domestic brew).

Worth mentioning
The place is usually not frequented by families but by couples and likeminded groups/friends. Well, advisory put on the trees (refer picture) gives you a feel about the clientele.

Finally… Nice overall package and I would say Great.