“This place has potential remind you taste and flavors of Delhi (Chandni Chowk to be precise)… only for those who are high on fat”

Chain from Delhi has started outlet at Hinjewadi IT Park. We went for late night dinner to avoid IT Park rush. Though there was no space available to park opposite to the restaurant but I could park on the road at some distance.

While going upstairs could see the kitchen and Kebabs getting done on coal fired horizontal pit.

Basic furniture, good illumination

We got corner table and went through the Menu. Pure Veg restaurant with common North Indian breads including Roti, Nan, Kulcha, Roomali and Paratha. Paneer and Soyabean (made from Soya, milk and oil) preparations … Gravy as well as Tawa.
Kadhi (not the one which is thin and sweet), Rajma, Chole etc.
Thali, Combo as well as A La Kart.

We decided to try maximum and asked for


Rajma Chawal (rice)@Rs70
Layer of white rice topped up with Rajma it was warm and tasty. It was low on sourness as well as chili. Flavor of spices used was clear.


Special Thali@Rs130
Served with 4 small pieces of Nan, two small portions of gravy items, Dal Makhani, Biryani and later Ice Cream. Nans were crisp and buttery. Dal Makhani was thick, full of butter and had authentic taste. One of the gravy items were Soyabean and it was taste full. The other one was Kadhai Paneer.


Afghani Roomali Roll@Rs75
Close to Shawarma served on an interesting looking place with onion and green chutney. The filling was made up of Soyabean (which is prepared using Soya, oil and milk) in red base, onion and chutney. Tasted great.


Kadhai Paneer@Rs125
Thick red gravy preparation in red base with chunks of fresh Paneer. Clear flavor of spices full of butter.

Roomali Roti@Rs10
Thin, soft, served warm. Excellent.

Plain Rice Half@Rs50
Boiled rice with coriander garnish.

Soft Dink 500ml@Rs40

During casual chat with Mr Mallik at cash counter got to know that soon they will be starting Chandni Chowk style Dahi Bhalla and Tikki just outside of restaurant (can’t wait!!!)…

Finally… Great at very reasonable cost.