We tried this outlet of Havmore which is located on Baner Road opposite to Salt Restaurant. There were 3-4 tables inside air-conditioned outlet and all were full; there were a few chairs outside and we opted for those.
Ice creams, bars, shakes and sundaes were on the offer.

As I was placing the order, I noticed an odor; hard to tell of what but it was not pleasant.
We were interested in sundae and gone through the list but it was disappointing to know that only two kinds were available (Cookie Cream and Hot Fudge Nut). I settled for Cookie Cream. We also asked for a Choco Bar and a Vanilla scoop.


Cookie Cream Sundae: In small transparent disposable glass, half crushed cookie made the first layer which was topped up with a scoop of Choco Chips ice cream and further with chocolate syrup. One triangular wafer biscuit, a chocolate waffle roll broken in to two and remaining half cookie were used as garnish. Not to forget, one small sugar coated shard shell chocolate ball was on the top. Well, I was finding it difficult to call it a Sundae but for the price paid, I think it was worth. The Sundae tasted decent.


Choco Bar: It had a hard chocolate core covered with chocolate ice cream which was further covered with a hard chocolate layer from outside. Kiddo gave it full marks and indicated that it was one of the best.


Vanilla Scoop: Usual vanilla, soft and creamy. Nice.

Worth mentioning:
No bill/receipt was provided and I did not bother to ask for it.

From price point of view it was an average and same from taste point of view (except Choco Bar).