“Nice place to go for Saoji preparations: no frills @ reasonable cost”

Having inclination towards “Vidarbha” and motivated from review by Vaibhav Karajgaonkar; I decided to visit this small outlet which is located in the Gully opposite to Food Bazar, Baner Road.

It was warm evening yet we opted to sit outside.
Basic plastic furniture and no frills.
Very polite staff.



The aim was to go for Saoji preparations. I asked for suggestions form the staff and went ahead with same yet Kiddo opted to go for Malai Tikka (that too in running)@Rs140 which she repented later and half of the dish went to the dogs. The preparation appeared closed to Reshami Kebab which is a non-spicy tandoori boneless item. It was pretty looking, nicely decorated but Hard to Chew Aged Chicken preparation. I requested the staff to go for a bite. They accepted but said that the chicken was usual and fresh as always but we will serve you better preparation next time”.


Patwadi Rassa@Rs140: Besan (gram flour) cake pieces served in medium spicy, brown gravy (not very thick). Very tasteful and spicy; the flavor of spices was very clean! Preparation tasted excellent with Tandoori Roti and highly recommended.


Chicken Saoji@Rs170: Chicken pieces with bone served in medium spicy, brown gravy. Very tasteful and spicy; the flavor of spices was very clean. In fact the gravy for both above was same and offered to us for tasting for spices. Great!


Tandoori Roti@Rs14: Made up from Wheat Flour and not Maida. They were soft and tender, properly done. I have never seen Kiddo polishing two such breads earlier or it was a revenge for Malai Tikka; can’t say. Excellent and highly recommended!


Jeera Lehsun Rice@Rs90: Lots of cumin seeds with flavor of fried garlic. Bit oily but it was a decent and nice combination with both gravy preparations.


Portions were decent enough for two.

Total Rs 658 for what we ate.

Plus…cost and taste
Minus… Kebab (can’t forget)
Finally… Worth a try