“Close to original type place which is economical but has some practical limitations”

We went to this small outlet located at Prime Rose Mall. Two levels; at the ground level kitchen + 2 tables are there and it is very warm place from summer point of view though there is a fan but it is ineffective. At upper one with severe headroom issues, a few more low height tables. The upper level has air-conditioning.



Got the seating on ground level. Walls and doors are decorated with witty messages, fun to read. One of the kitchen entry read “annoying the cook will result is smaller portions”. The other of the side wall read “Life is uncertain eat your dessert first”

Menu has decent range popular appetizers, some soups, inspired and original Chinese and Thai preparations in dumplings, noodles, rice, side dishes in veg and non-veg; some desserts and beverages as well.

The staff and the team were very polite and cooperative.

Asked for chopsticks and were provided…

Went for


Cottage cheese chili@Rs155: It was Paneer Chilli to be precise in Soy base. Bit longer chunks of Cottage Cheese tossed in soya sauce and other condiments including chilli. Tasty.


Drums of Haven@Rs170: It was glorified version of Chicken Lollypop in red based. Chicken was tender but the preparation was bit oily which could have been avoided by draining the oil properly and further usage of kitchen tissue or similar. No complaint about the taste.


Assorted Veg Black Pepper@Rs165: There were chunky, firm and colorful vegetables in dark peppery sauce. Very nice and original.


Veg Chilli Garlic Noodles@Rs140: Slightly red’ish base with clear taste of garlics and warmth of chillis. Noodles were bit soft and would have expected them to be little hard (No, I am not talking about pan fried noodles; stir fried/ wok tossed noodles can also be firmer).


Bottled water@Rs30 (appears Rs10 higher)

Total ~Rs700 for 3

Worth mentioning…
Opt to sit upstairs (mind your head)
No wash basin…don’t use your hands (Though they provide finger bowl)
No loo ;)… take care
Try ginger candy available at cash counter
Nepali chef’s had was visible in preparation but not confirmed
Service was bit slower (big parcel orders)

Finally… Worth a visit