“What I like about this place is… the vibes”

I visit here occasionally and not regularly. Never thought about going here in the day time due to rush and parking issues (they are neighbors of a popular gym, an electronics store and an appeal store chain with parking on road). Towards late in the evening when the hustle-bustle goes down; it’s time to sit here and relax over tit-bits and beverages.

It is a humble place with few tables at mezzanine level and a few just outside. Menu is not very broadband but only coffee, tea; select pastries, doughnuts, puffs and some other bakery products available at reasonable cost. I am not a coffee freak and usually settle for something other than coffee. Taste of the stuff is good or average not excellent.

There is a guitar too; with all six strings intact. If you can play, you will find that it is out of tune and it takes a while to adjust it back. You can “Strum” if you like or “Sing with the Rhythm”; unless you are obnoxiously bad and others give a dirty look!

The only thing I don’t like … smoking individuals occupying tables nearby. Can’t help it!!!

Finally… worth visiting