At Seasons mall food court, Eagle Boys Pizza is an option for pizza lovers. I liked the cleanliness and bright white illumination of the dining area. Sneak peak in to the kitchen also revealed systematic stacking, arrangement and good hygiene levels.




Everyone at the outlet right from person at the door till the person serving, everyone was very attentive. The chap at the counter was quick to take order, ready to help and providing suggestions.

Since it was a matter of cut and run; opted for quickest Cheese Tomato 7 inch pizza! Accepted the suggestion from the order counter and added Chilli Garlic Potato pops.

Stuff was ready in less than 10 minutes and served hot in good quality, hygienic packing.


Cheese Tomato pizza: The crust was nice and stuff tasted fresh. Little more cheese could have helped but no complaints @ Rs85.

Chilli Garlic Potato pops: Deep fried, little hard on outside but very soft and tender from inside. Gave clear flavor of garlic, bit low on chilies and high on potatoes, in addition to above, there was a binding agent used. Nice taste@Rs 29.


Taxes@Rs14 Total@Rs 128

Fairly priced, decent ambiance and OK on taste.