This outlet of Seasons Mall Food Court offer preparations which are sweet in taste. Waffles, Pancakes, Shakes and Brownie are on the offer with various potions of toppings and condiments.
Fragrance of Waffles pulled me to this outlet but I was not sure of taste and quality yet wanted to try hence ordered for basic and cheapest option available that too only half portion. It was waffles with chocolate sauce@Rs-lost the bill but I think it was 80.
In few minutes the order was on the counter. To my surprise the waffle was fresh, really warm, mellow and tasteful. The chocolate sauce was ordinary but the taste of combination was great.
Getting confidence from first trial I repeated the order (again half portion) but this time with Belgian chocolate spread@Rs110. The chocolate felt authentic and the tasted nice.
Service was fast and attitude of staff at the counter was good and helpful.
As dessert, half portion of a waffle is good enough for a person with normal appetite.
It was great experience.