“Conservative place owned and operated by Shelars. It is almost like a canteen with taste closer to Maratha homes. Quality surpasses the price you pay”

The place exists since long time near KSB chowk (Shahu Nagar). It started as small restaurant but now it has grown up as relatively bigger place. Steel furniture, tiles on the wall, pictures of goddess and lords; this no frill setup is close to a mess/canteen. Typical patrons are rustic and my sophisticated friends usually keep a distance from this place.

Specializing in Sheep meet with punch line “Gharguti Jhankebaj Kolhapuri Jewan” which means “home cooked hot and spicy Kolhapuri meal” is worth the name. The kitchen is on one side of L shape hall and transparent (you can see how the food is cooked).

At very reasonable rates; they offer Thali, Biryani in chicken and mutton; Handi, Dry and wet chicken and mutton preparations as well as specializing in Wajdi preparation.

I have been visiting the place regularly but not frequently since past many years and consistent taste has been an important aspect.

Thali is my favorite meal. It comes with 3 Bhakhris (Bajra/Green), one portion of chicken/mutton with 3 small pieces, 1 bowl of tambda rassa (spicy and hot broth), onion and lemon slice. Just for Rs 140.

The bakhris are always warm and soft, the rassa is spicy and hot and same is the chicken which usually lacks flash.
The spices and chili used have specific property to cause burning sensation around lip not during eating but post meal for some time.

Good taste with decent price. Never disappointed, never left hungry.