Located at Food Court of Phoenix Mall, Nagar Road; Chat Bazar serves snacks which include Mumbai and Delhi Street Food preparations in relatively up-market environment.

Under section named “Chandni Chowk” in the Menu; there were Bhalla, Papdi, Kachori, Basket etc as multiple options of chat. Chole Bhature, Chole Tikki, Samose, Tawa Aaalu chat etc were also available.

Tried Dahi Bhalla Papdi Chat to start with and then moved to Masala tea.

The chat preparation was not close to that you get on Delhi streets it lacked… sharpness of Saunth, touch of ginger and spices. Preparation was sweet. It was look alike “Dahi Bhalla Papdi Chat”!

Masala tea which was served in earthen Kullhad had sharp flavor of tea masala (appeared commercial). Tea was relatively lower on sweetness, very warm and refreshing.

Expensive and not value for money is my take!