Located at third floor of Seasons Mall, this place offers South Indian food. Different dough and filling options in Dosa, Choices of toppings in Uthappam (utappa), common south Indian snacks as well as thali meals also some basic light meal options like Rasam-Rice etc.

How authentic! Well! I will leave this up to you because I read Pav-Bhaji on the Menu!!!
Tried Mysore Masala Dosa to get a feel before I could go further!

Normal size Dosa with typical red masala coating served with coconut chutney (bit sweet), red chutney and Sambhar (it was good, sour and not sweet).

Paying Rs 112 for a Dosa and not getting the quantity of chutneys and Sambhar to help me eat it the way I usually do (with lots of Sambhar and Chutney) was disappointing.

The taste was also average.