“The place for real Kahndesh Veg food in Pune at very decent price”.

Got reference of Sangam from family friends belonging to Jamner/Jalgaon. It is located opposite to Indian Oil petrol pump on the road which connects Spicer Collage to old Sanghvi.




L shaped restaurant with kitchen at the entrance and family hall on the rear side. They have very basic furniture and environment very similar to a Khanawal. Onwned and run by by Pappu Mahajan, in my view it is one of the most authentic places in Pune for Veg Kahndesh food.




They have fixed menu for week for Thali but A La Carte is also available. Along with few common popular restaurant preparations; Khandeshi delicacies are served here. As per my understanding, all are authentic.
The portion sizes are relatively decent but not big and frankly, when you are eating this spicy and firy you don’t need it.

Hygiene and cleanliness levels are decent.

Decided to go for a decent coverage of the menu and ordered Thali of the day “Khandeshi Chutney and Bhakhi” @ Rs 60 as well as “Patodi Bhaji”@ Rs 70.

Also asked for “Baian Masala” @ Rs 60 and “Green Pe Masala”@ Rs 60.




Thali came with 2 bhakhris made up of dough from Jwar flour and Udad dal flour. The breads were relatively thicker but soft and brittle. They broke when folded. There was thin yellow Dal with tadka of curry leaves, portion of plain rice, onion and lemon accompanied by a portion of free flowing chutney made up of gram seeds, garlic, oil and chili. The taste and flavor was great.


Patodi Bhaji was in thin free flowing brown spicy and firy gravy. There were only a few Patodis. The taste was excellent.


Baigan Masala was also in brown gravy but consistency was thicker with respect to that of Patodi Bhaji. The gravy was having little sweet touch yet it was spicy and hot.


Green Pees masala gravy was also brown and further thicker. The preparation was decent but not very impressive.

All three gravies though were same in color but tasted different.

Overpowering flavor of garlic, chili and Khandeshi Masala were the key elements.

Must try place for Khandeshi Food enthusiasts.