Located on T junction near to railway underpass; on the other side of Akurdi (from old Mumbai Pune highway); this is small shop with very basic infra and Katta is most apt word for it. Only outside seating under a roadside shed is available (not for nosy individuals, Housefly issue).

A lady in the kitchen prepares the food and everything cooked fresh as you order. Waiting time will be 15-20 minutes.

Menu: limited/small and a few vegetable, egg and chicken preparations were available.

Utensils were clean. The portion sizes are relatively small but enough for one.

It was lunch time; three of us decided to go for basic meal and ordered Baingan Bharta, Shev Bhaji and Egg Curry along with Bhakhri as well as Maththa (butter milk).

Each plate served with a portion of said item along with Bhakhri, onion and lemon slices.

Green Bahkhri (bajra) were prepared fresh and served hot. There was no mix/blend and it was only Jawar flour.




“Real Katta for home cooked style Khandeshi food at very low price. Whoever has recommended this place to Zomato to add in the list must be a student! “

Baigna Bharta was excellent. Boiled brinjals were mixed with crushed garlic, coriander, green chili and a few broken peanuts using generous dash of oil. It was a perfect combination with Bhakhri.

Both Egg Curry and Shev Bhaji were spicy and hot. Touch of Khandeshi spices was very much there. Here the gravy preparations were “red” in color compared to others where they are towards “brown”. Some casual chat with the owner revealed one particular popular spice (chili) from Khandesh which makes it bit red.

Butter milk was freshly prepared with taste and flavor of spices, coriander and mint.

Worth mentioning

Don’t forget to tell that you want medium spicy else you will land up in trouble. Sweating as well as smoke from ears guaranteed!!!

Batti/Wafle only available in the evening.

Packaged drinking water is not available but you can get from the ice cream shop next to it.

Three people under Rs350; it is worth it.

Different taste and can be tried!!!