“Full value for money place for Italian cuisine at Chinchwad”

Chinchwad has been moving on upwardly path with fast pace in the recent past. Mall culture, supermarkets, multiplexes etc, everything is here now. Many outlets of known chains have opened the doors over here with nice offers to attract/expose conservative industrial belt to the concept of fine dining. Little Italy is also one of them which is located near Titan Showroom. Sharing recent lunch buffet experience.









No issues of parking and they offer valet. They have one spacious hall with lots of natural light as well as illumination from array of lights and the overall effect illuminates the table in such a way that color of food is very clearly visible. Wooden furniture and tables are spaced very near to each other which is done to optimize the space and seating. Overall great ambiance.

Very polite staff and well informed staff providing suggestion as per your need.

There is a corner which is dedicated for buffet but it only has soups, salads, pita bread, humus, nachos and salsa etc rest of the stuff served on table from kitchen.

Everything on the lunch buffet can be served on the table and consist of refreshing mint drink (fixed one), salad (fixed three), nachos and salsa, soup (fixed two), antipasti-starter(one from fixed menu), pizza (one from fixed menu), pasta (one from fixed menu) and ice cream (fixed).









Minestrone soup:
Thin, free flowing came with cauliflower, peas and beans. Very nice!

Zuppa Di Pomodoro:
Free flowing tomato soups with bread crumbs. Very Nice! Liked by little one!

There were three of them. First one had tomato and finely chopped onion. Second one had broccoli, zucchini, tomato, green olives. Third one had lettuce and tomato with clear indication of olive oil dressing. All three of them were very impressive.

Tortilla chips with salsa:
Chips available with 3 types of freshly made salsa sauces and all of them were very decent in taste.

Pita and Humus: Thin Pita made up of Maida and humus. OK. Little one avoided.

Refreshing drink:
It was sweet mint in water. Very refreshing but little different in taste! Little one did not like it.

Nachos with Cheese Sauce:
Nacho chips with capsicum topping and further topped up with thick cheese sauce. Delicious.

Funghi Trifolati:
Mushrooms were sautéed with herbs (mainly red chili flakes and garlic) and served with fresh and hot garlic bread. Excellent!





Pizza Margarita:
It was about 6 inch, thin crust pizza said to have tomato sauce, cheese and basil. IT was hard to find the traces of basil and the pizza was very bland. Average! Kiddo protested to the staff and there was an offer to replace but the preferred having one slice from the pizza I was having.

Pizza Sicilia:
It was in same size as above. Chili sauce marinated mushroom, garlic, onions, sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil. It was great!

Pasta Primavera:
Dry Fusilli preparation with generous quantity of olive oil having multicolored bell peppers, olives, parsley, sun dried tomato, garlic. It was spicy and tasty.

Pasta in white sauce:
It was made to order on request. Wet preparation of spaghetti in white sauce with parsley and oregano and black pepper! Very nice!





Vanilla ice cream with topping of your choice:
Tried strawberry and litchi.

Small pastries:
Small bites were kept in chocolate, mango and strawberry flavors. Tried Chocolate and Strawberry. Both were having proper balance of flavor and sweetness. Fine!

Total below Rs 900 for one adult and a kid!

Worth mentioning…
Take underpass U turn towards right if you are coming from Chinchwad station.
Entry is from the side.
They offer parcels which can be picked up on the way back to home or for work place.
No alcohol guys.
Could see only veg stuff!
Absolutely clean place having sparkling stuff (have a look at the shine soup container in picture).
Clean toilets.

Finally… High of taste, value for money, must visit place.