“Great and authentic taste without any doubt but overpriced place for sure!”

It was about 8:30 PM Saturday night and while reaching to Shahji, I saw a beeline of cars and huge crowd on both sides of the road. First; I thought it may be for Santosh Bakery which is opposite to Shahji or some function at the hotel where the Shahji is located but later realized that it was largely for Shahji.
Though valet parking was available; decided to park a bit away from the restaurant. Walked to the restaurant and realized that there were 10-15 people waiting in addition to two groups of 50 each in the queue for dining-in. It was the first time when I saw such a phenomenon which is more common for the likes of Vaishali, Durwankur or Sukanta etc.

Looking at the crowd asked for possible quick parcel and the response was affirmative. Quickly had a glance through the menu and observed that there were two possibilities. Either combo meal (Paratha Thali or Nan Thali) or A La Carte and they have lot to offer form typical as wells as uncommon “Panjabi” preparations. Wanted to try maximum hence asked for Methi Paratha Thali, Cheese Paratha Thali, Aloo Nan Thali, Kadhi Pakoda (espiciality of the day) and Rice.

While waiting; I observed they have a big hall with 15-20 tables, decent illumination and typical “dining hall” type of feeling. Very busy place considering Saturday and waiting for parcel at cash counter near the entry door meant dodging a lot of traffic.

Had a brief friendly chat with Mr Santosh Behl (who was helping the Manager) about the restaurant, preparations and other topics related to food/taste from Chandni Chowk to Apte Road.

Within 15 minutes the parcel was in my hand and asking for parcel proved to be a good decision because the couple walked in along with us was still waiting outside.
@Rs 220 for Methi, @Rs 240 for cheese Paratha.
Paratha Thalis were nicely packed in hard paper boxes. Every Thali box had one Paratha each which was wrapped in aluminum foil; small portions of Aloo Sabzi, Dal Makhani, Chole, Bundi Raita, tangy Salad and pickle (Delhi style) neatly packed in plastic containers. The Parathas were almost 12 inches in diameter but thin, properly done, low on fat and tasty. All side dishes were with authentic taste.
@Rs 199 Aloo Naan Thali
Nan Thali had two thick, 7-8 inches in diameter Nan. The potato stuffing was tasty and little spicy. Side dishes were same as Paratha Thali.
@Rs 165 Kadhi Chawal; Kadhi-Pakoda was sour, thick; authentic Panjabi preparation. The Pakods were soft and mellow. It tasted excellent with long grain rice.

Total @Rs 815 (Taxes @Rs 40)

Ambiance: 3
Taste: 4
Food Quality: 4
Presentation: 3
Service: 4 (for parcel)
Overall: 3.5