“Though there is no full meal option but I bet one will surely get something interesting and tasteful to eat which will surely tickle your taste buds”

Small establishment located on Baner-Pashan Link road opposite to Volare offering select variety of Sandwiches, Wraps, Pizzas, Stuffed Parathas, Curried Rice Combos etc along with coffee and tea.

Half portion of the shop is kitchen and half is used for seating (did not check the mezzanine). In addition to above, attractive and nicely done open air seating arrangement in wood-metal combination towards front of the restaurant! Low illumination levels during night time from overhead lanterns (conventional converted to electrical)… Overall nice ambiance!

Polite and helpful staff!

Wanted to explore the width of the menu hence asked for

Tomato Basil Pizza@Rs180: 12 inch thin crust, electrical furnace backed, fresh tomato slices, green and black olives, fresh basil leave, jalapenos (could taste hidden green chilies too), lots of cheese and “SAUCE”. The pizza was really thin and crust was absolutely crispy. Nice but Indian tongue oriented taste.

Chicken Curried Rice@Rs180: Long grain rice big portion served with spicy red-brown curry (not very think consistency) having tender chicken chunks. The flavors were deep and taste was great. The twist was mango julienne in thick sugar syrup with touch of saffron (“MURABBA”) and fried crushes Papadams!!!

Chatka Wrap@Rs80 (parcel): Whole wheat grilled wrap filled with kidney beans (Rajma), Thick long slices of cucumber, green mint “CHUTNEY” and the surprise / twist was Pickle (ACHAR). I was filling and tasteful.
I had friendly chat with jovial couple Mr and Mrs Maheshwari. Dinesh; Ex-E&Y CA now full time in to restaurant business explained to me the concept behind the name of the place as well selection of menu including “Curried Rice in Mom’s Recipe”.

While moving out I could notice “fresh press coffee equipment” on one of the tables which appeared very familiar!!!

Total Rs440 (no tax… wow!!!)

Ambiance: 4
Food Quality: 4
Food Taste: 4
Service: 4
Value for Money: 4
Overall: 4