“Great YOUNG place for fluid lovers with relatively upmarket environment at very decent rates”

Valet parking!

Early evening 7:00 PM weekday and the place was already full. The crowd was similar to what you will generally encounter around Koregaon Park area; little upmarket and decent. Opening up of such places and bustling with crowd in western Pune is an indication that it is graduating upwards.

Covered courtyard (right now) with football theme; rice lights and flags running across the pols supporting the cover. Rock numbers in the background. The ambiance based on abstract ideas and oozing creativity reflected in use of stone and wood in furniture, different shades of illumination around the place with spotlights providing great feel; innovative ideas for serving and presentation. An air-conditioned hall with high rise and conventional seating option available too.

First, we got a seat near to “pasta counter” but soon we realized that why it was empty. The fumes from the sauté were getting airborne and draft bringing them to the able; making it difficult to breath as well as causing itching of eyes. We sifted to next best option available which was near to the glass separation between the courtyard and the hall.

Lots of options in fluid sections ranging from low to high spirit levels with domestic and imported brands. There were cocktails as well as wines. Veg and non-veg finger food but surely Non-Desi preparations, a few pasta preparations too.

Draft/draught beer was not available and we settled for pints@Rs130 of popular domestic brew.
Though they had 3 options in Kaprioskhas (one was watermelon base), we migrated to Kaprioskhas Conventional @Rs450. It was white rum based recipe and close to Mojito. Low on sugar as well as lime, high on alcohol with mild taste/flavor of mint. Sadly it was served in Beer Jar.

Rasta Chicken @Rs165: Thin chicken fillets (breast portion), marinated in spices, coated with crumbs and deep fried. Mildly spicy, tasteful and were served with sour cream based dip. Great!

Chicken Tah Grilled @Rs165: Tender long fillets of chicken marinated in spices and grilled. Towards sweeter side, they had primary flavor of ginger but hidden flavor of lemon grass. Very good!

The Harissian Fish Portion @Rs195 : Tender Basa marinated in Harissa paste (a chili past made from combination of hot chilies), well done. It was very warm; had deep and long lasting taste that lingered on. Mmmm!!!

Sad part was poor and slow service. The staff needed reminders at least 2-3 times to bring the order.

Total Rs 1826 for two of us (taxes++ Rs201). Not bad!

Caution: Kids not allowed (strictly).

Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 2
Value for money: 4
Overall: 3.5 to 4