Indian Pasta @ Indian Rates!

It was post noon and we were hungry. Decision was easy and quick – Maddys; because there was no crowd at all. It is one of the small eateries opposite Karishma Building (off Karve Road).

4 tables outside the shop and 4 inside (there is not much room further). Nice shades of red, full natural light thanks to big galls front, clean environment.

Rushed though the menu which had pastas in 4 ranges (classic, special, ultimate and backed); could also see pizzas, salads, soups, sides etc. There was a separate flyer indicating beverages.

While glancing through the menu fragrance of melting butter and sauté garlic forced us to ask for Garlic Bread from “Sides” with extra cheese. We also asked for Soya Bolognese spaghetti, Oyster Mushroom sauce fusilli as well as Mojito (Mock) and Raspberry Lychee (Mock).

Garlic bread with cheese @Rs90 : 4 slices of bread served in open paper box, were bit pale, high on butter, full of garlic, lots of cheese; served hot, they were very tender. I must say it was really a nice first impression.

Soya Bolognese spaghetti @Rs125 : It was red-brown, little spicy, well done spaghetti with mince of Soya chunks, overpowering garlic, Could feel Garam Masala in the preparation!!! Small portion but enough for one.

Oyster Mushroom sauce fusilli @Rs165: White base, red chili flakes, garlic and oyster mushroom pieces; I thought the mushroom tested little odd!!!

Mojito (Mock) @Rs50: It was near to Mojito (minus alcohol) but the quality of ingredients was below par. The mint leaves used were not fresh and had black traces. OK!

Snowberry (Mock) @Rs50: It was fusion of a berry and lychee. Decent!

Paper glasses and water in plastic bottles, small portion size. Garlic and Garlic and Garlic!!!

A young group was hogging on Pizzas (one after another) on nearby table and a couple sitting behind us was busy! Mixed crowed… While moving out, noticed that all tables were full!!!

Total Rs480 (no tax… wow)

Ambiance: 3
Food quality: 3
Food taste: 3
Value for money: 3
Service: 3
Overall: 3