“One of the first of its kinds in Western Pune offering great fresh brew “

We happened to visit Kiva Brew Pub, Hinjwadi on Sunday evening and noticed a big change. Interestingly the change is in the form of an addition which is one of the biggest Microbreweries in Pune as told by Mr Nilesh Phadnis during casual friendly chat. This addition is inside a big tall ceiling hall housing brightly illuminated fermentation tanks and equipment on the farthest left corner, taps etc are also located in the vicinity and well-spaced seating is in rest of the hall. The place is very spacious with low ambient illumination, a live giant screen on the front wall, cool numbers in background; I would rate it as very decent ambiance for beer and game lover point of view. This addition is over and above existing restaurant.

With recently commissioned machinery, there are 4 fresh brews on the offer and there is a plan to add 2 more in near future. I was also told about the plan to make these brews available at all “Kivas” in Pune.
The brews are available at this main hall as well as at the restaurant (old place). One can taste the brews to decide before placing the order.

Now the brews

Apple Cider- It was sweet, little pale, nearly no body, low carbonation, taste of apple, appeared mildly alcoholic. Taste was decent and it was close to fermented apple juice. I am not of “Cider type” as well as in my view Cider is a wine and not a beer hence I will rate it lowest among four.

Greenlandic- It was litter better when compared with first one; slightly aromatic, nice on taste and moderate carbonation. It reminded me one of the uncommon pale lagers on the tap.

Dark Ale- Mildly flavored, low carbonation, nice aroma, decent taste, proper body, dark in color, slight bitterness; it was very nice to drink. It was close to some of the Ales available in Midlands countryside but little different.

German Wheat- It was the showstopper; excellent aroma, nice body, proper consistency, very high carbonation, little bitterness, marvelous taste. Traces of “Weissbier” but not exact!

Fresh brews are available @Rs200 a glass and pitcher@Rs500 (economical if more in numbers).

The food was usual Kiva. We had Veg clear soup, Onion rings, Roti Kanai with chicken in coconut base, Veg Haka noodles, basil rice, Thai red curry (which is the best you can get in the city). Everything was above average and tasteful.

They have Tahdoori / North Indian / Thai / Far East / Chinese preparations “A La Carte”.

They serve buffet dinner too.

Ambiance: 3.5 to 4
Beverage quality and taste: 4
Food quality and taste: 4
Value for money: 4
Service: 3.5
Overall: 4