Sunday Brunch

“Certainly a few notches above for food quality at premium rates; bustling with crowd however not everything tasted great; complementary poor service”

It was Sunday Brunch and 7 of us visited with pre-booking of table at about 1:30 PM.

The place was already nearly full with Indian and foreign national; families were more in numbers compared to individuals and couples which was clear indication that the brunch stands for.

Valet parking (very polite staff) and we were escorted towards the table which was near big glass door opening towards open seating area of the restaurant.

Bright clean place, seating was proper, decently spaces, live singing performance, lots of natural light, very upmarket environment and decent overall ambiance.

We were asked if we would like to go with alcohol or without and which beverage we would like to go for; and it was all open thereafter without any assistance. Had a glance at all counters and it was not very surprising to see the stampede (I am exaggerating) on few of them.

Started with fruits bar and moved further to salad-cheese bar, Europe oriented cuisine, Oriental (partial), Mexican (fried), Far east (tempura) and deserts with the aim not to hog but to taste the food and relish it.

The beverage which was in orange base did not taste good requested for the replacement and peach ice tea was given it was also awful (blame it on my Desi taste buds). Selection could have been better selection suggested because the staff did not show any interest in serving other beverages.

Fruits were fresh and selection was apt from citrus and sweetness point of view.

There were a dozen plus set salads but I only focused on few which I found interesting and colorful. I liked potato-pasta-baby corn in mustered base, zucchini-squash-olives, Cherry tomatoes-mushrooms. There were three types of cheese and all of them were good and tasteful.

Tried roasted lamb, asparagus along with roasted tomatoes and potatoes; Lamb was tender and perfectly done with little herby taste, the juices were full of taste and aroma, asparagus provided good company. Too good! Tomatoes were tangy and mellow, potatoes were perfectly done. Amazingly, there was no crowed on this counter (sparing few foreign nationals) which was direct indication of the class and type of JWM SB Road clientele.

I got the oriental on my place and requested for chopsticks; after 2 requests and 7 minutes wait chopsticks were made available from a drawer 5-6 meter away from our table (again poor service due to overcrowding). Noodles were nice and rice was good, vegetables in red sauce were also decent. One of the preparations of Eggplants was also good. Decent choice!

Next, tried Mexican fried chicken, lettuce-onion salad, sour cream; also picked a slice from Kiddo’s veg pizza. Nice crispy cover over tender chicken.

Pizza was on “low note”; it was blander than expected though the veggies were crunchy and cheese was great.

I was very happy to see elaborated dessert section with live waffles. Lots of pasties, cakes and a few mousses to choose from, live waffles with different toppings and syrups, Marshmallows and chocolate fountain, éclair etc.
Everything was near perfect (hats off…Chef) except waffles. I tired making it better by topping it with cream and berry syrups etc but in vein. The dough was bit high on salt resulting in poor taste of waffles what I could conclude and how it was done you can see in the picture which reminded me lines from an old TV commercial- “When few degrees high it is too high and few seconds more is too much”.

Overall it was decent experience at relatively upmarket place and I would rate it above average.

Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 3.5
Food quality: 4.5
Service: 2 (Pathetic, may be due to overcrowding)
Value for money: 3
Overall: 3.5