“No frills kinda place with impressive food and good taste… try breakfast combo/power lunch”

It was about noon when I entered Skips. The place was almost full with young crowd and there was only one table available near the entry door on ground floor. I had a quick glance at the menu; placed the order at the counter.

One small shop having kitchen on far end with 3 tables, they also have 4 tables outside and a probably 4 more at mezzanine level. It was no frills kind of place with average ambiance.

Menu appeared “Quick bite type” with sandwiches, pastas, salads, desserts and beverages etc. They also serve “breakfast combos” as well as “power lunches”. Breakfast is served up till noon followed by “power lunches” but breakfasts are available till 4 PM on weekends. They also have “Wings and Pops” section in the menu but the stuff is only available post 4 PM.

Along with tea, asked for breakfast (platter 4) with a request to add baked beans as side dish.
Time to serve was about 10 minutes.

Breakfast platter 4 had
Two white bread slices “toasted to perfection” with butter.
Handful of French fries.
Masala Omelet had onion, tomato and a few greens, garnished with mozzarella and cheese was oozing out from the isolated pockets within the omelet as the knife was cutting it. Properly done! Garnished with coriander.
Backed beans were in red “in-house” sweet-sour gravy with traces of sauté onion, masala and tomato sauce.
Everything tasted great.

Tea was also good and low on sugar.

While I was having the food, one of the staff members on the job of mopping; just mopped the floor under my table also footwear and did not even bother to warn or say anything! Well!!!

Breakfast @Rs200
Total Rs220 (no tax)
Ambiance: 3
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Value for money: 3
Service: 3
Overall: 3.5