“An upmarket place with nice Food but average Beverage right now; bit young and naughty on Saturdays …”

A mall on Nagar Road which is less frequented by shoppers compared to others in the vicinity. This place is located on one of the upper levels. We went with plan to enjoy fresh brew but failed.

Frankly, it was scary because there were only 6 vehicles in the parking lot and could not see anyone else in the mall from parking lot to The Brew Pub. But it was a different story inside the pub; it was loud, people on the dance floor, live DJ and flowing fluid.

Though it was Saturday late evening, still the place was only partially full with fairly young crowd. We were interested in occupying soft cushion seating instead of hard wooden seating but were told that the tables were reserved and if there is “no show” in next 15 minutes, will be offered to us. Well; the wooden seating was bit low and hard to sit fortunately within 5 minutes we were moved to desired table.

Big hall, decently spaced tables, “classic pub” oriented furniture, good use of light, brew related stuff on the wall from real stuff to the artifacts, brewing equipment (sadly not functional), loud (noisy) English numbers in the background… overall it was very nice ambiance.

Asked for fresh brew but it was sad to learn that the equipment which is kept on left side of entrance is not functioning. “It is yet to start and it will take another month or two” said Mr Athar Khanzada (Mrg Ops).

Beverage menu had selected popular hard and soft drinks including cocktails, mocktails and beers but no fresh brew. Food menu had popular pan-Indian and global quiescence including pasta, meal combos, sizzlers, finger food, salads etc.

Ordered for Mojito and Margarita from drinks section to start with…
Mojito@Rs300 was slightly lower on sweetness, mint used was not fresh (see a few leaves with black edges)… average
Margarita@Rs320 was disastrous.

While the drinks served quickly, it took bit longer for food. While enjoying the drinks, it was bit awkward and difficult to ignore the acts of excited – high on spirit females moving between the table in-front and dance floor.

Veg Tandoori Mixed Grill Sizzler @Rs375: Grilled paneer in yellow as well as red base, tender, flavorful and mildly fragrant. The sauce (gravy) portion in orange base which was served along with sizzler was mildly spicy. It was first time I had Naan as part of the sizzler. Long grained rice and I loved the charred bottom part. Very good presentation and taste!

Thai Yellow curry rice combo @Rs250: Coconut base yellow Thai curry with flavor of lemon grass was mildly spicy and had assorted exotic vegetables like peppers, squash etc. Kimchi garnished with sesame seeds was chopped in very different style. Absolutely white long grain rice. Nice presentation and good taste.

Bottled water @Rs40 (OMG).

A domestic pint to finish with.

Total Rs 1717 with taxes Rs 262 (sad).

Ambiance: 4
Food quality: 4
Food taste: 4
Beverage quality: 2
Beverage taste: 2
Service: 3 (appeared rookie staff)
Value for money: 3
Overall: 3