“Highly recommended place for chef’s preparations- though inspired yet with flavors and taste”

“A good Chef can use minimum number of ingredients but can bring out desired flavors of the food” is true for April Rain.
April Rain, Aundh; with two levels has very nice ambiance, very attractive and efficient usage of light (low yet enough). We were given a table which was opposite to the bar counter and near entrance door; location was exposed to lots of movements. The background score which is usually used at the restaurants to mask the conversations across tables was not enough.
Multi cuisine restaurant and select preparations (some of them are uncommon).
Lemon Coriander Soup @Rs180: Clear, very light yet filling and flavorsome.
Lebanese Veg Falafel @Rs220: It was nice, crispy, hot and tasteful. Tahini dip was a perfect match along with salad. I tried hard cracking the binding agent for loosely packed crushed chickpeas but..
Delhi KI Chat @Rs150: Appeared crisp, fried, small pieces of partially dehydrated potatoes marinated in authentic Dilli style chutneys, onions, topped with Sev; filled in thin and crispy wheat miniature baskets. Excellent!
Bangkok Veg Green Curry @Rs310: Requested to replace coconut oil with olive oil. Minimum ingredients with maximum flavors with chef’s personal touch. Baby corn, cauliflower, carrots and fried egg plants. Fried egg-plats were the pleasant surprise. It was served with a portion of herb rice. Excellent!
Steamed Rice @Rs125: Asked it looking at the portion side of complementary rice portion served with green curry. Long grained white rice cooked to perfection.
Brandy 60 ml with hot water and honey @Rs240: Usual.
Total Rs1298 (Taxes etc 72) Decent!
Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 4
Overall: 4
I’m going in there again but this time Non Veg.