“Relatively upmarket environment with higher rates for the same food but with a difference!”

They have pretty decent property and very nice ambiance. I never expected it to be at the locality where it exists.
It was evening visit and opted to sit outside under canopy. Furniture with iron and wood combination resembling those British time garden chairs. It was not that tricky to go through the menu which was hanging beside the cash / order counter.
Asked for Irani tea (I am not a coffee buff), Jumbo burger and cheese chili toast sandwich. Opted to have tea on the spot and asked for take away rest two expecting some rains.
Irani tea@Rs80: Explanation was given at the cash while placing the order that it will be tea bag based preparation. Tea was served quickly. Persian tea glass filled with warm water having sour additive, a Taj teabag, garnished with thick lemon slice was served along with one additional tea bag and sugar sachets. It was nice and soothing but not great.
Cheese chili toast sandwich@Rs100: White bread slices (2 nos) toasted and sandwiched with good quality cheese and think slices of chili/green pepper. It was tasty but not worth the money.
Jumbo Veg Burger@Rs160: It was not that “Jumbo” I expected but was really the showstopper. The patties were made up of finely chopped raw potato, carrots, pees and a tomato slice in the middle. The potatoes appeared slow cooked over a pan using fat. Very different, mellow and tasteful! Two such patties were stuffed between halves of sesame covered soft and fresh bun along with onion slices and a lettuce leaf. Very nice taste but little higher on the cost for the size!
Total Rs 340 (taxes++ nil). Bit expensive for the stuff!

Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 3
Overall: 3.5 to 4