“Value for money place for good taste, good quality and relevant quality… “

One of the eateries located near Karishma Building serving wraps, rice/biryani, curries and finer food.
No ambiance, congested seating, house flies, disorder at ordering counter, raw material (heavy wheel flour bags) being moved in, total chaos… ordered 2 wraps, 2 combos and tried accommodating on available furniture.
Cheesy corn wrap@Rs75: wrap little high on oil packed with sweet corn and cheese with some spices. Nice taste.
Potato wrap@Rs35: wrap filled with boiled and mashed potatoes with Masala. Little spicy, nice taste!
Chole Masala – Paratha Combo@Rs100: Tangy spicy Chole (chickpeas) with good dose of “Everest Garam Masala” served hot with 2 Lachcha Parathas. Onion, green chili and slice of lemon as Salad. Worth trying.
Buttered Rice Combo@Rs130: Big portion of buttered up long grained Basmati rice. Topped up with 3 big chunks of Paneer Tikka in yellow/orange base and semi wet mushrooms and potato. Thin gravy which was little sweet and spicy in taste. Onion, green chili and slice of lemon as Salad. If the gravy can be improved in consistency and quantity, this preparation can be a showstopper.
Packaged drinking water@Rs20: Usual but cost is important here.
Total Rs 360 (no taxes… wow!) and overeating.

Ambiance: 2
Food taste: 3.5
Food Quality: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Value for money: 4
Total: 3.5
Quantity of food was sufficient. Portion size was good. Taste was also good (for Indian taste buds) and the food was warm.
Observed some hygiene related issues at the kitchen (dirty clothing).