“Quality food with taste, flavors and colors…”
I will rate this place good for ambiance, service, quality and taste. Serving western food with little Indian touch.
Not sprawling yet decent usage of space, usage of yellow base illumination, spotlights/highlighters, light colored wood touch in colors well augmented with contrast too; overall decent and typical “Chili” ambiance you will find at “Chili’s” abroad.
Impressive range of alcoholic mixed beverages with Margaritas as one of the specialty. Recently, they have made a lot of additions of imported brand in the bar section to bring it at par with others in the class. In food section… fries, burgers, sandwiches, salads, nachos, tacos, enchiladas, steak, ribs, pasta etc… Tex-Mex style cuisine.
Typical patrons I noticed were Expats, young IT professional, families and couples ++
Chili’s have come up with Limited Time Offer (LTO) with the theme sweet – spicy – smoky. I did not try everything but only some of the preparations which were from conventional as well as LTO menu.
Southwestern rolls: Mushroom, corn, spinach filling inside crispy and flaky shell served with sour cream sauce. The reparation tasted good.
Texas Cheesy poppers: Crispy from outside, tender from inside (close to cheese crockets). Preparation soaked in oil but who cares!
Pulled chicken corn cakes: Thin patty of sweet corn, topped up with chicken strips, red onions soaked in vinegar and cheese. Garnished with coriander. It was mellow as well as crunchy, sweet and sour tastes were mixing in the mouth. Very different than usual!!!
Smoked Garlic tenderloin: “Well done” Steak (buffalo), relatively thinner, sourced from Delhi, smoked to perfection, kept on mashed potato base and topped up with sweet and spicy sauce. Wonderful glaze was clearly visible on the steak which was full of flavors and taste. The Steak was garnished with handful of smoked garlic cloves. Carbs and protein were accompanied with boiled vegetables out of which some of them were exotic and some local (squash, broccoli, carrot). Tough but not chewy, flavorful and tasteful; good preparation.
Smoked Quarter Chicken: It was a locally sourced quarter chicken piece with bone, nicely cooked/tender, placed on base on same mashed potato preparation which was used for the steak. Full of glaze, garnished with poppy seeds. Vegetables given were also the same which were given with steak. It was tasteful but not very spicy and hot from “Indian taste bud” point of view.
Spicy Smoked Chicken Pasta: Penne preparation which was bit dry. Garnished with corn, capsicum, green chili, carrot, butter and cheese as well as tender smoked chicken pieces. The surprise was red chili paste used in the pasta which was giving it sharp orange color and Wow-warmth. Nice taste but be careful (little different taste).
Fajitas with cilantro rice and black beans: One of the popular preparations which made the entry in limited time offer. Imported black beans in mildly spicy gravy, Rice with cilantro flavor, tasteful fajitas which were with little warmth/heat, garish of corn and coriander. Overall; very nice and tasteful.
Molten Chocolate Cake: Vanilla ice-cream covered in molten chocolate kept over brownie (made in-house) resting on pool of chocolate. It was tasteful and sinful. The showstopper!!!
Precedents Margarita: It was signature Margarita of Chili’s. Prepared using imported Tequila and local Brandy. Served in dedicated glass and shaken in dedicated jar. The portion size can serve 2 persons. Very nice.
Watermelon Margarita: Margarita made up of fresh watermelon juice and chunks. Fresh, high on sweetness, tasteful. Though I thought that frozen would have done wonders.
I hope they come up with discount schemes and happy hours like they have in Mumbai!!!
Caution: Relatively generous food portion sizes hence check before finalizing the order.
Ambiance: 4
Service: 4 (with typical Chili’s way of taking orders)
Food quality: 4
Taste: 3.5
Value for money: 3.5
Overall: 3.5 to 4.0