“This place is little different and if you can manage without Roti also a bit different taste; it has a lot to offer!!!”
Located at one of the shops opposite to Regent Plaza on Baner-Pashan link road, this place will surely catch your eye while you pass-by during evening or night time because of red hot coat fired open barbecue pit kept at the entrance.
Very basic furniture painted using asymmetric bright colors; same is the treatment with the walls. Ash-tray and tissue holder made up of bamboo… and attempt to give it “JARA HATKE” look.
Some tables just opposite to the outlet covered with temporary structure and a few inside the shop; rest is kitchen which handled by Chef Iliya(s); an Iranian native who can speak in Hindi as well.
Select preparations of BBQs, Rices, Shawarmas, Pastas etc as well as some non-alcoholic beverages.
Food- I thought it would be a live barbecue on the table but it was not. Though, the preparations were served out of a live barbecue but it was not on table.
“Real steak” was not available and I went for “Chicken Challenge Steak”(349). We also asked for Lehsuni Mushroom (129) as well as Cheese Baby Corn BBQ (129). Later asked for Tomato Rice (139) to finish.
Chicken Challenge Steak: It was about 250 grams plus boneless piece, cooked over coal fired pit till little charred. Spicy but not very hot and I could clearly taste “Kala Masala” of Nagpur. Later Chef confirmed that it also has certain spices from Hyderabad as well. The steak was served along with small slice of potato, cabbage salad, freshly chopped red onion slices (on request) and the dip. Dip was different with taste of cinnamon, DHANA and sweetness of tomato mixed in the mayo.
Caution… big portion size.
Lehsuni Mushroom: Tender, with nice garlic flavor, little spicy, low on salt, served with cabbage salad dressed in chili flakes and oil. Nice!!
Cheese baby corn: Baby corn marinated in very spicy marinade, BBQed topped up with mozzarella served along with cabbage salad and dip. OK!!!
Tomato rice: Red colored rice with richness of Indian spices, coriander and touch of tomato. Very nice and tasteful. Great!!!
Service- I was average and a few staff members appeared disoriented/confused.
Total Rs 786 for two.
Overall; if you have an affinity towards grill and you can tolerate fusion of spices, visit this place.
Ask for the offers, if any!!!
Ambiance: 3
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 3.5
Service: 3
Value for money: 3.5
Overall: 3.5