“Quality food with decent taste which is good enough to tickle your taste buds”… but “a rusty” will surely miss a live barbecue. (Given fact that you are eating indoors will mean no live barbecue but what about poolside!!!)
Ambiance of the place is very nice and it gives you a feel of upper crust. The dining arrangement was at the pool side and the treatment was good.
It was set menu and the food was served based on your preference. Unfortunately alcoholic beverages were not on the house and I decided to pay for it and have it but only with permission of my fellow foodies.
Greek salad and Lavash-
It has near Egyptian version of “babaganoush” with garnish of pomegranate and olive oil; Humus garnished with green olive and olive oil; marinated olives (black and green) with herby touch and the black olives tasted fantastic (asked for second serve).
There were a few crispy thin and soft thick breads were in the basket but Lavash (As I know it… tender, thin Turkish bread was missing)… never mind.

Non vegetarian starters had 3 preparations-
Periperi grilled pomfret: Fillet of pomfret marinated in Periperi which was bit higher on SHU, grilled till nearly Sunset Orange, very tender and tasteful.
Jerk spice tender chicken: Appeared dry rubbed chicken boneless piece in “allspice plus many other spices”, done till Brown tender and served hot. It was tasteful and warm.
Basil and Olive pesto prawn tikka: Relatively bigger sized prawns marinated in basil-olive pesto, dark “Green” done till bit crusty and served hot. I could feel the flavor of garlic as well as warmth of chili.
None of the starters tasted same which was great. There was warmth of spices, pepper and chili which was perfect for the setting (pool side dinner in winter).
I took a bite of Harissa Sarson Paneer tikka and found it interesting. I gave a miss to vegetarian starters.
Wild mushroom soup-
It was a consistent, little creamy and muddy, lukewarm, tasteful preparation with a glaze on top. The portion size was decent and filling. Could see a few breads and soup sticks but only tried soup stick and not the breads.
I opted for Rosemary and cracked pepper grilled tenderloin steak-
About 200 gram plus, Mumbai sourced (as told by chef) steak rubbed with cracked pepper, done till just before well-done condition (as I requested), split in to two, served on a thick hot stone, complemented with buttery-creamy-garlicy mashed potatoes, boiled exotic fresh vegetables and hot-barbecue sauce … it was CLASSY. I requested for additional sauce in form of “mayo with some spice”.
It was a great combination of sweetness of rosemary and heat of peppers continuously provoking to go for the next bite. First portion was not very “tough”; the stone was warm till finish but the end portion of the steak became chewy. Overall; preparation was nice, warm (pepper) and tickling the taste buds. Fantastic!!!
German chocolate mousse & grilled peaches-
Tender and chocolaty mousse garnished with small chocolate arch and strawberry; served along with grilled peach portion resting on glazy bourbon sauce and kiwi fruit cubes. It was amazing combination of tastes and flavors which I never tried earlier. Great!!!
Pool side dinner during this time of the year warrants warm clothing or a live barbeque in the vicinity but warmth of the food partly covered for it. It was great meeting and interacting with fellow foodies.
Overall; I would rate it as above average place for quality grill with global taste and chef’s touch.
Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 3.5
Overall: 4