“Humble place with great taste”

Search (in hunger) for small and cost effective eating joint with good food lead me to one of the small eateries located at commercial portion of Rahul Complex, Kothrud (Paud road side of narrow road that connects it to Karve Road) c/o Chef Prasanna Kulkarni.
Narrow entrance, very basic furniture with iron-ply combination, 5-6 tables, open kitchen. The cutlery, crockery and mugs etc used gave the feel that the place is different the way it appears at first glance from outside.
It was beginning of the day but the “work in progress” in the open kitchen which also houses oven for backing bread gave an idea that it was not an ordinary smalltime place!!!
Cleanliness in the kitchen was good.
Select sandwiches, burgers, hand tossed pizzas, pastas, coffee and mocktails etc.
Considering the hunger and no breakfast I opted for grilled two sandwiches.
I tried-
Coleslaw sandwich (50): 3 slices of in-house backed full size breads; coleslaw stuffed was prepared fresh using finely chopped juliennes of carrot, capsicum and cabbage; chopped lettuce (appeared stored). The sandwich tasted fresh with crunchy coleslaw and it was tasteful.
Cheese and mayonnaise… suggested by the Chef (50): 3 slices of in-house backed full size breads; grated processed cheese with finely chopped capsicum and mayonnaise. The sandwich were tasteful and fresh with crunchy coleslaw.
[Except sourness which was due to bit higher quantity of vinegar which Chef told me used as emulsifier!! I’m afraid not… It is egg yolk Sir. Probably, I am habitual of having low acidity types… never mind].
Sandwiches were served with freshly prepared French fries, ketchup and finely chopped salad (in brine-vinegar).
I thought of getting them parceled but the aroma forced me to have them then and there. Portion size was filling and I could not have finished them all; got half parceled.
Service- Decent and courteous.
Total Rs 100 (great value for money).
Overall, the food I had was impressive and indicated that the rest of the food must also be good. Chef also suggested to try Pizzas (why not!!! Next time).
Ambiance: 3
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 4
Overall: 4
Useful information if you are in satellite area: Thank Gog for Pizzas-Pradhikaran is also related (based on casual chat with Chef).