“Close to Maratha homemade food taste with a touch of Coastal belt… spicy not hot… good food-good taste”

It was long pending and finally I went there in first week of Jan this year and the experience was good. Before I could write about it; there was second visit with relatives wanting to have authentic Maharashtrian food.


It was late night weekday and place had two more patrons.

They have 4-5 tables outside the restaurant and about same numbers inside the hall. Low-mid illumination levels and average furniture with sofas towards wall and chairs on the other side of the table. Some paintings on the wall, classical music in the background… very basic ambiance.


The menu has a dedicated page indicating how the recipes from Mhaske, Patole and Sinde families have resulted in to the food you get at 96K.

Soups, starters, different Thalis as well as a la carte… Maharashtrian preparations in vegetarian, chicken, mutton and fish.

Beer and Wine available too (limited popular red and white wine brands are available).


First visit… it was Thali and next time it was… a la carte only Veg.

We tried-

Boneless Chicken Thali (375) – Small portions of Chicken Dry Masala, Chicken curry, Tambda Rassa, Solkadhi, Onions in curd, Fruit clustered. Chapati, Bhakhi and Vada; one each.

Chicken dry was with red-brown in onion base (appeared) thick paste. It was tasty and spicy (read not full of chilli but spices).

Chicken curry was in orange-red thin gravy, again spicy and tasteful but not hot.

Tambda (red) rassa was spicy little hot and great!

Chapatis were piping hot, thin and tender. Pandhri (white) Bhakhris were not very thin but were tender and easy to chew. Vades were piping hot and great in taste (very close to home made Kachoris in central India).

Pandhra (white) Rassa (160) – Served in big soup bowl; it was not part of the Thali and I needed to order separately. With small pieces of mutton in bottom the taste of coconut was fresh and mild touch of spices. Good!

Solkadhi (60) – Served cold; perfect blend of coconut milk, Kokam and spices; garnished with fresh coriander. Very soothing.

Veg Thali (275) –

Small portions of a dry veg preparation, wet veg preparation, kadhi, ambti, pithla and raita with vadi and mirgund. Chapati, Bhakhri and Vada; one each. Fellow foodie rated it great.

Masoor Masala (140) – Spicy preparation of whole Masoor in thick gravy. Little hot and spicy but not up to my expectations! (I have had better preparation many a times at Kolhapur).

Pithla (110) – Lite yellow preparation, very low on spices and heat and bit more fluidic compared to other places. Blend and not up to my expectations!

Dal-Ambat Waran (220) – Portion size is relatively bigger and the thin preparation is lesser on sourness. Decent!

Baigan Masala (160) – Nearly black preparation with taste of groundnut and garlic. The eggplants were nearly melted in tendency. Great!

Masala Papad (160) – The papads were with a difference (not commercial Urad but of rice), topped up with little spicy chopped salad of onion and tomato. Good!

Maratha Biryaani (140) – Long grain rice, low on spices topped up with fried onions. Could have been better.

Vade (100) – 4 pieces, piping hot, very tasty in you have inclination towards fried breads.

Thecha/Khrda and Red chutney was excellent.

Packaged drinking water is expensive @35.

Service- Decent and courteous.

Overall, the food I had was impressive and there was “Saundhapan” in taste. Nothing was very hot yet many preparations were spicy.

Summary –

Ambiance: 3

Food taste: 4

Food quality: 4

Service: 4

Value for money: 4

Overall: 4


Vade are must try and will go well with anything (even chutney or thecha/khrda)

Thali option will give you liberty to taste if you are alone or couple and going for non-veg else you may end up paying more. Veg a la carte will cost you 300-400 if you are in a group and eating liberally.

If you visit late night… No issues of parking, no issues of waiting and crowd (someone breathing on your neck).