“Maharashtrian Food Festival… traditional and rare recipes from all corners of the state!”

Small restaurant with decent levels of illumination, feel of warmth, live Gazals… decent but average ambiance.

Menu had special section for Maharashtrian delicacies ranging from starters, mains and desserts as well. The select preparations were from all corners of the state.

Surmai Tawa: Tender Surmai preparation with red chili powder as one of the ingredients of the base.
Mutton Chops: Mutton, which appeared boiled and then marinated with spices and further prepared on Tawa. Tender and mellow; great to be eaten using hands. The fragrance of freshly ground spices lasted really long on figures.
Prawns: Big size prawns, absolutely dry and crisp from outside, tender from inside.
Kala Mutton: Almost charred from outside, bit dry from inside with intense flavor of garlic and charred spices.
Matar Karanjee: Pees stuffed, deep fried Karanjees.
Kelfulachi Bhaji: Absolutely marvelous; dry but oily preparations kelful (marathi) / mocha (bangal) which is one of the most difficult vegetable to handle and clean (done that!) with seasonal/fresh green gram.
Bharleli Vangi (Nagpuri): Red-orange base (onion, garlic, tomato) dry preparation with spices popular in the region.
Valbee Chi Bhaji: With looks closer to thick Rajma Masala tasted very different.
Tandulachi Bhakhri: Relatively thicker, well cooked, served warm went well with vegies!
Jawarichi Bhakhri: Tender and nice.
Waran: Yellow in color, bled of Tur/Tuar and Moong, cooked with potato, little spicy.
Laal Dal: Thick red-orange preparation. Very nice in taste.
Masala Vade/Vadi Bhat (Nagpuri) with Kadhi: It was wow! Took me back in time.
Pathare-Prabhu Pulav: Dry and moderately spicy rice preparation was with Mutton and boiled “Eggs”.
Pandhra Rassa – White rassa served in a small Vati; mutton piece with bone at the bottom; the taste of mildly spicy broth of coconut having relatively creamer and thicker consistency.
Sakhari Bhat: Little greasy, sweet preparation of rice with dry fruits.
Keli Cha Shira: Nice sweet preparation with tighter consistency compared to normal Shira; traces of caramelized sugar.
Kulfi: Thin slices of creamy, sweet preparation bit higher on ice content.

Service- Quick and courteous.

Wonderful fiesta of fragrance and taste with predominant usage of garlic, bay leaves, cinnamon, black pepper and black cardamom. The spices were not overpowering the food taste. One of the rare occasions when toothpick was not required post mutton.
It was an honor to share the table with fellow foodies as well as connoisseur/foodie Mr Aditya Mehendale, who was ever ready for deep-dive in to discussion on food and sharing minor details of ingredients, spices, condiments, preparation as well as relevant history of the preparation too.
Having roots in Bundelkhand (of Peshawa era); spent a long time in Maharashtra traveling across Vidarbha, Marathwada, Khandesh, Kokan and western parts trying/tasting various local Maharashtrian delicacies; some of the preparations were truly amazing, different, noncommercial and a pleasant surprise for me.