“Tasteful, flavor full food…There is lot more on the offer other than Fish…!!!”

Located near Shinde Petrol Pump close to Chandni Chowk (Bavdhan); Fish Land is a place mastering North Mangalorean cuisine. Being operated as one of the franchises of “Fish Land – Bangalore” (known for its seafood preparations).
Plenty of parking space (about 15 cars); we walked in during lunch time about 1 PM. The spacious hall with 15-20 tables was nearly half filled. Looking at the crowed the place appeared popular for family getto.
One spacious hall with wooden furniture, huge glass windows on two adjacent sides providing natural light, fishery related paintings and artifacts on the wall, mild instrumental score in the background, sparkling clean, not very jazzy but not dull as well… It was a decent ambiance to dine.


It was not a huge menu but did not qualify as short one as well. Soups, starters, mains, breads, rice, deserts and beverages. There was a section for Tandoor items as well.
Though the menu was dominated by fish preparations; it also had popular vegetarian, paneer and chicken preparations.
Majority of preparations appeared having touch of down south and north Mangalorean cuisine but some popular north Indian preparations were also available.
A dedicated menu section for kids!


We tried –

Rasam – It was served as complementary welcome drink. Piping hot, spicy, authentic taste! Indicated the inclination of the taste of the place.
Fish 94 – It was said to be the best seller. Surmai fingers, batter coated and deep fried till the case is hard, further tossed in red wet mixture (Tadka) of cumin seeds, dry red chili, curry leaves.
Little chewy (though kiddo disagreed), mildly spicy with some sweetness to balance the effect of chili; it was good!
Fish Shami Kebab – Boneless Surmai chunks marinated in green base ginger-garlik paste, cooked in tandoor till there is a touch of brown on the surface.
The kebabs were not very spicy, tasteful, tender and melting in the mouth. Great!
Surmai Tawa Fry – Decent size slice of Surmai marinated in red masala and cooked on tawa. Well! It was a preparation for people who love to taste the fish and not the spices. Excellent!
Chicken 93 – Tender chicken fingers, cooked and further tossed in hot, spicy little sour red masala paste dominated by Bedgi / Kashmiri Chili powder. The spices were kicking rear side of the throat and the warmth of chilies remained in the mouth for a while. Tasteful!
Chicken Chatpata – It was a pleasant surprise and I never expected such a preparation at this place. Tender chicken tikkas in orange gravy. White paste which is typically used in restaurants (as you move towards Delhi) based fat rich, spicy, little sweet; the gravy was excellent. There were traces of finely chopped garlic.
Kerla Parotha – Multilayered, non-chewy, tender; Parotas were served hot. Having it with Chicken Chatpata was attempted fusion between the north and the south which went well!
Mangalorean Prawn Curry – It can be called signature preparation of the place. Coconut based, orange base, free flowing, spicy preparation with small prawns.
Plain Rice –White, non-sticky rice… Divine with Mangalorean Prawn Curry.
SolKadhi – Fresh, tasteful and cold. Unfortunately it was little sweeter compared to what I am habitual to have and the warmth of chili did not tickle the throat!
Kulfi – It was a decent size slice. The preparation was mellow in taste and creamy too. Nice!
Service- Little slow but courteous.

Negative –
I missed the bar! (Alcohol/Alcoholic beverages are not available).
Plates were not warm because the place nearly qualifies for fine dine types.
Only one fresh water fish on the menu.

Summary –

Ambiance: 4
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 4
Overall: 4

You may also try Thalis… they have many to offer (cost effective and good when alone)
Vegetarian preparations are low in numbers but majority of popular preparations are available.
Try different preparation (ask for details) to walk through the spice rout from the south to the north!!!
Caution… If you have not eaten Mangalorean curry and rice combination earlier, careful, you have to have taste buds to enjoy this combination.