“If you want to try in-house brew… I would advise caution!!!”

Walked in late evening (post 9 PM) on a Sunday with sole purpose of having some local brew. Only two tables were occupied at that time.
Very nice wooden furniture, dim lights, nice PUBish ambiance! Decent score in the background and it was a perfect environment to enjoy the drinks.


It was nearly a global menu with a section focused on Steak. Since I was focused on brew, decided not to venture in to food much.
Nice bar menu with select international and domestic brands as well as in-house brew including Apple Cider, Irish Stout, Barbarian Wheat, Dunkelweizen.
A few awareness pages on “how beer is made” as well as “how you get drunk!”


I tried –

Irish Stout (250) – Said to be King of dark bitter ales, from Ireland, infused with cocoa, roasted coffee with a thick head and lingering taste!
It was a large mug. Only the color was good match; there was no head (refer picture) it was as very thin and high on water content. Little bitter and I could taste the infusions but it was a flop!!!
Barbarian Wheat (250) – Said to be Hefeweizen from southern parts of Bavaria, traditional unfiltered beer.
It was a large mug. Nice head, good body, decent aroma, little acidic, bit dull in color, tasteful and yes I got some fibers!!! Average…
Dunkelweizen (200) – Said to be dark Bavarian wheat beer, creamy with mild orange flavor.
It was a small glass. Good head and body, OK acidity but it was not as strong as I expected it to be. Taste was also average. Pity that it was served in a kingfisher mug!!!
Service- Quick!

Summary –

Ambiance: 4

Brew taste: 2.5

Brew quality: 2.5

Service: 3

Value for money: 2.5

Overall: 3


Must try brew tasters before ordering.
They offer buy one get one free on in house brew till 9 PM.
You need to be careful while billing. I got billed 1 large extra and needed to walk to cash counter to get it settled… this happened during low/no occupancy hours.