“Decent brew but very limited choice… caution about the brew taste”

Walked in early evening on one of the weekends and the place was filling up. Parking may be an issue on busy evening though it was not a problem when I parked.
Decent pub environment with multiple seating options. Touch of wood all around, good background score, moderate hustle bustle!
I indicated my preference to sit at bar counter and got a corner high rise chair.


Menu had preparation from popular global cuisines. Bar menu appeared limited.
I went to enjoy fresh brew and 6-8 types were mentioned on the menu/board at the bar. Further enquiry revealed that there were only 3 brews available and it was disappointing.


It was very nice to see that the tasters were served in glassware close to sniffers.
I tried –
Hefeweizen – Served in summer glass, appeared unfiltered, little body, nice color but unfortunately higher on water content. Acidic and with little odder. Could have been better with lower water content!
4 Grain Saison – Made from barley, wheat, rye and oats; bit sweet, nice body, slight bitter towards end of the gulp. Decent!
Honey blond Ale– It was smelly and thin. It was not close to copper color or similar. Did not went further and got up…
From starters
Potato Munchers: Deep fried, cheese-potato balls with twist jalapenos. Creamy dip served with the preparation was has excellent smoky garlic flavor and taste. The combination was great!
It was little surprising to see only 3 brews out of so many mentioned on the bar board as well as on menu.
Wanted to have some “brew chat” with the brew master who was around (request was made) but unfortunately he did not show interest.
Service- Excellent!

Summary –

Ambiance: 4

Brew taste: 2.5

Brew quality: 2.5

Service: 4

Value for money: 3.5

Overall: 3

If your purpose of visit is fresh brew; call and check about the availability.
They have some good uncommon bottled beers available from Europe but expensive now (read change in taxing policy).