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“Good place with nice food. Verity of craft brew… can be better”.
This review is based on past two visits in gap of 2 weeks. On both occasions, it was Sunday late evening walk in. On the first visit; the place had much crowd but it was not very crowded this time.

No issues for parking; empty land beside the establishment being used for parking space as of now.


Wood finish all around, low levels of illumination during evening, good loud background score (first time it was very Irish/British but during second time it was more rock-ish), multiple seating options available to choose from (inside big hall without AC as well as with AC, outside under the canopy or under the sky).


Menu had preparations from popular global cuisines with some Irish burgers as well as some Irish mains preparations.

From starters-

Irish Drunken Potatoes: Huge size potatoes stuffed with finely chopped vegies including mushrooms. Served with thick creamy cheesy sauce. Mello, taste full and filling. The preparation is good enough for a person.

In house Brew-

German Wheat- banana and clove dominance, little fruity aroma, pale straw color, translucent, long lasting head but very lean/thin body!

Irish Red Ale- Chocolate-caramel taste, slight amber-copper color, slight bitterness but very lean body!

Pale Ale- Yellowish with touch of copper in appearance, not very clear, light to moderate body, slight bitterness which could have been higher!

Stout- Coffee and roast feel, dark black, decent head which lasted till glass was half full, creaminess, feel of pumped nitrogen but thin and lean body!

Barman’s Orange, Green Apple, Peach, Strawberry (did not taste any this time)

During first visit the Stout which was served in a Tulip pint was bit thinner but this time it was better served in a glass close to Chalice. The head also did not last long but this time it did. It would have been better if the stout had little more body. Informal chatting with “Dhaval” (responsible for brewing) indicated the reasons behind keeping it the way it was…

Irish red ale was also decent but appeared little young and thin bodied.

Service- Excellent!

Summary –

Ambiance: 4

Brew taste and quality: 3

Food taste: 4

Service: 4

Value for money: 3.5

Overall: 3.5

If in a slightly bigger group, sitting under the canopy outside appears a good option.

Going little early ensures getting seating place of choice.