“Nice brew and great finger food…”

It was pending for a long time though and visited sometime back during early evening of one of the Sundays. It took further long to write about it thankfully notes taken on a tissue could survive.

Though it was a task to find the correct entrance but guidance was available. No issues for parking. The place was bustling with young energetic crowd.

It was great to know that happy hours are on and applicable for fresh brew as well as finger food.


Nice wood finish all around, very low levels of illumination even during the day time, loud background score, multiple seating options available to choose from (including high-rise to conventional). If you are smoke lover; you may opt seating outside under the sky!


Menu had select preparations from popular global cuisines.

In house Brew- Only 3 were available on tap and I tried all of them.

Hefewizen: Near straw color (must be near 4 on SRM), Cloudy indicating suspended yeast sediment).Nice head. Little herby with clove in the background. Medium body perception very likely due to suspended yeast. It was nice!
Apple Cider: Though I am not a cider lover but there were not many options available and my understanding of brew hinted that it was young cider with improper attenuation. Appeared as if stock exhaustion forced them to server it at least a week early. Absolutely clear and low on body. Apple flavor was nice but beer was poor!

Belgian Witbeer: It was light golden in color appeared between clear to cloudy. Good head retention. Fruitiness could not be ignored! Felt orange peel (suspected sweet lime peel), somewhat sweet, moderate body, tarty finish! It was nice!

All the beers were served in glasses which resembled (not exactly but similar) Hoegaardan pints and reminded me Luven days!!!

Chicken Hunan: Boneless pieces of chicken in hot n spicy brown red dry base with onion capsicum as vegs. Tender. It was nice to have cabbage as salad. Tasteful and decent portion size.
Potato wedges: Deep fried, covered in dark brown masala-batter, little crispy, spice served with cheesy-creamy dip.

Service- Great!

Summary –

Ambiance: 4

Brew taste and quality: 4

Food taste: 4

Service: 4

Value for money: 4

Overall: 4

Worth going during happy hours … available even on a Sunday! That’s Great!

No comments about main course as I had nothing because portion sizes of two starts were enough to knock me off.

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