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“Nice place for fresh lobster but at premium rates”

Craving for lobster lead me to the “Nisarg”. Exists since long-long time and always crowded.

Frankly, there are not many options available in Pune for same where you can pick raw (what you want to eat) tell the preparation and it is cooked for you… Nisarg is one of those places.

Walked in early evening earlier this month on one of the Sundays. Valet parking and the team was courteous.


Two levels of seating. It was nearly jam-packed but there was a table available adjacent to the bar near entrance. Illumination was decent for dining (could see the food). Aging was clearly visible on everything. There was no smell of oil or fish in the dining area which was great. Average ambiance!


Vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations; with emphasis on see food. Once you have selected the fish you would like to eat you have option to go for starter or mains as well as preparation type which are mentioned in the menu e.g. Tawa, Rava, Koliwada, Tikka etc/ Kokani, Malwani, Goan, Masala, Maratha etc.

Meal –

The lobsters were kept on ice-tray and I picked one which appeared freshest. It was about a pound plus.

Opted for butter garlic preparation. Knowing the preparation well, requested for addition of pepper to make it bit interesting but the request was refused and counter-request made to add on table myself.

Also asked for Surmai (tandoor) Chatpata.

Nicely platted lobster was on the table in 10 minutes. Preparation was rich creamy-cheesy-garlicky preparation. Fried garlic crumble was magical but it was blander and sweeter than expected (though I was warned). Overall… tasteful!!!

Surmai Chatpata was hot n spicy; tender preparation in green base which was served with tangy-spicy salad. Great!!!

Everything went well with a bottle of popular Indian mild beer.

Service- Quick

It was Rs2580… the final sum… definitely overpriced place.
Summary –
Ambiance: 3.5
Taste: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 3
Overall: 3.5

Going early helps.

If you would like to have specific / seasonal seafood, check before you go.