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“How could I miss this place…Truly Incognito!!!”

It was Foodie Meet-Up and I was last one to join nearly an hour late. It was my first visit to Incognito and I got corner seat near wall-unit having “lost stuff of 80s” as well as “Coffee table books”. I was sharing table with Vaibhav Karajgaonkar and Ashish Swaroop.


It was a big hall, moderately illuminated with low hanging lamps above table, background score was not very loud and clear as well as it was not enough to mask inter-table conversation. Touch of wood on furniture as well as surroundings but decently spaced tables. Overall… decent ambiance which did not gave a feel of overcrowded place.


It was pre-decided menu with select preparation in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.


Appetizers… Non vegetarian selection

Plated on a rectangular white dinner plate; the tone was set cream-brown with mild contrast of green created by green leaf sprouts.

Bacon water chestnut wrap with sweet chili glaze: Though the origin of this preparation can be debated but the 2 contents are usually common. Water chestnuts wrapped in bacon garnished with cheese. Nearly crunchy chestnuts were fresh and crunchy. Nice!

Vietnamese beef and cucumber roll: Beef-Cucumber combination from EAST was prepared in form of roll. Cucumber julienne mixes with mild spices were rolled inside finely sliced grilled beef. The preparation was juicy and refreshing.

Chicken yakitori with ungai: Japanese type grilled skewered chicken (small chunks), nice glaze, mildly spicy with touch of sweetness, moderately tender… And I missed the ungai though (blame it on my taste buds or feel of food texture while chewing)!!!

Lamb Peshawari kebabs: Lamb mince with little warm spices, cooked till brown crown, not very mellow but decently done; plated over baby breads having sweet touch, appeared backed (dough was very high on butter giving it a little flaky and brittle texture). Flavorful and nice combination of contrasts.

Smoked Salmon mousse with horseradish Melba: Pinkish, smoky, smelly mousse… served along with thin, crisp toast slice which was garnished with horseradish sauce. Though I respect the preparation and the views of the Chef but missed a pungent or fragrant herb garnish in decent quantity over the mousse.

I could also try cranberry and water chestnut Samosa from Veg menu. It was pleasantly surprising preparation with twist of taste; crunchy, sweet and sour filling inside thin, flaky, tender triangular covers. Wow!

(Not to forget the small shot of Old Monk on suggestion of Vaibhav)

Main Course… Non vegetarian selection

Plated on conventional white dinner plate; the tone was again set cream-brown with greater contrast of green used in the form of green lettuce leafs.

Cajun blackened Rawas with turmeric and saffron butter: Square fillets of Rawas, topped up with spicy Cajun mixture, done till dark brawn crown. Served over golden, granular, semi-fluidic butter. Mount watering!

Fresh herbs induced Roast Lamb with mint sauce and tomato mash: Strip of roast lamb, infused in herbs rolled up, topped up with mint chutney, served over mash. Looks were deceiving and preparation was surprisingly fresh, tender and tasty. Very nice!

Swiss cheese Stuffed chicken breast red wine jus: Well cooked chicken breast stuffed with cheese, garnished with jus (basically stocked and reduced veggies/meat, wine, herbs/condiments). The chicken was dry and little tougher than expected. I found it blend (blame it on my taste buds) and the sauce did not created lasting effect on the tongue (whatever it could have)!

Since I joined an hour late, while I was having “main course” rest of the pack was already done with “dessert” and by the time I could complete main course taking notes and relishing the food, I did not realized that many of the foodies have already said bye-bye except Vaibhav and Ashish Swaroop who were busy discussing our favorite topic… “Food” and I was still feeling hungry due to my abnormal appetite.

Meanwhile, Mr Arora (the owner) came along with Chef for introduction. While “meeting and greeting” I expressed my hunger to him and he jollily responded… “You are at right place!”

It was already very late and I wanted to finish it off in a single go; after a brief discussion with “The Captain” zeroed on to “Steak topped up with caramelized onions served with backed potatoes (with cheese/cream) and vegies”. This was beyond the set menu. As I ordered, I could see sparkle in Vaibhav‘s eyes and he appeared interested in tasting the preparation as well. It took a while for the preparation to reach to the table.

Wallah! It was herbs induced “well done”, “tender”, “juicy” steak portion (about half a pound). Topped up with caramelized onion in dark brown sauce. Served with thin slices of potatoes with cream/cheese, vegies and red lettuce leaf. It was filling. The flavors and tastes were long lasting. Excellent!

Fratelli Cabernet Shiraz went well with the steak (though I would have preferred Reveilo Reserve Syrah or Grover’s Cabernet Shiraz or York Cabernet Sauvignon would have been better… nothing to complain about).


Ferrero Rocher pie: Pie slice, little hard, nice chocolate taste, very Italian… Yum!

Mango Mascarpone Cheese Cake: What a way to bring the “season” on to the plate! Creamy, cheesy, mellow… Sinful sweetness with deep mango flavor. Great!

Lemon Cointreau Sorbet: Served in a tiny pot with finely crushed ice-ball topped up with cherry it was very sour and took away all flavors from the mouth. Exposed to Cointreau off and on; I can’t criticize it because I don’t have taste buds developed for the preparation. Not a perfect showstopper but it was my choice!

Service- … Excellent!

Summary –
Ambiance: 4
Taste: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: Did not pay
Overall: 4