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“Authentic South Indian Food with taste of Chennai!!!

Located on new DP road in Aundh which connects Aundh to Baner Road, this is an authentic South Indian food joint.
Normal eatery with closely spaced furniture.
Common South Indian snacks including Idli, Vada, Dosa (Dosai), Uttapa. Not to forget Pongal, Thali and Filter Coffee.
I tried (multiple visits)-
Idli: perfect white and the batter proportion is different compared to what is usually available elsewhere. Served hot along with two types of chutneys and Sambhar.
Vada: Crisp outside but soft inside. Flavorful with spices…Uncommon to get. Served along with two types of chutneys and Sambhar.
Masala Dosa: Tasteful filling…Great!
Filter Coffee: Rich, strong (on request), “Coffee Board” taste… Great!
Thali: Rice, 2 veg preparation, Sambhar and Rasam, chutney and pickle. Great for rice lovers with desire to eat it on real Banana leaf. Missed sour curd though to finish with Curd Rice!!!
Taste of Sambhar is authentic and rare to get in Pune. Usage of Indian White Pumpkin in Sambhar is worth mentioning. Same true is for Chutneys.
Ambiance: 3
Food taste: 4.5
Food quality: 4.5
Service: 3
Value for money: 4
Overall: 4