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“Breakfast at premium rates!”

Nearly upper-crust… on Baner Road opp Baskins Robins… you will see it always crowded when you pass by during evening time. This is one has been a pit-stops on the way home picking up bread and pastries in recent times.

The place is usually deserted in the morning hours though text in the bold on the front glass reads “Breakfast 8:00 AM…” Decided to try it for the breakfast on the way to work early this week.


Clean big hall with about 10 tables, ample natural light (thanks to full glass front), white and blue combo on the furniture as well as the walls… nice and appealing ambiance! They also have some seating space and arrangement outside opposite to entrance.


What I considered under breakfast menu had European touch with preparation like milk and cereal, bakery products (read croissant, quiche, puff etc), fruits, pancake, waffle, preparations in thin pancakes (read crepe), omelets, tea/coffee etc.


Omelet: It was prepared with peppers, mushroom, herbs and cheese. Served with hash a brown, 2 slices toasts, butter and ketchup. Omelet was fluffy, tasteful, breads were nice and hash brown was excellent. Filling portion size.

Classic Assam Tea: Strong breakfast tea with decent aroma.

Two house flies (even though insect killer installed) and one of the staff members chasing them with “Made in China” electrostatic racket!!!

In the past; pies, ice creams, pastries were also tasteful and good; nice breads as well.
Summary –
Ambiance: 4
Taste: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 3
Overall: 3.5

Kim… I think starting full breakfast package in the morning hours (especially during weekends) may add another feather in the cap.