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“Chef’s Style European cuisine with hint of Indian touch (we may agree to disagree)!”

Lane6 Koregaon Park; my first visit to this place dates back to the time when “Malaka Spice” was one of the neighbors of “Arthur’s Theme”. This visit was after really long-long time for reasons unknown and it was a “Total Recall”!

Seating at ground levels as well as basement; additionally a few tables just outside restaurant (smokers place). Touch of white and other bright colors on the furniture and upholstery, walls with combination light and contrast, decent usage of illumination which creates pleasant atmosphere for dining.

Little cramped and it reminded me those value for money good-food places in upmarket metro areas where every square feet counts!

Starters, soups, salads, pasta; mains in vegies, fish, chicken, lamb and beef, deserts and beverages. If the name of the preparation given by the Chef is not enough; preparations descriptions next to it helps better understand it before ordering but seasoned, enthusiastic, vocal helping hand is just a foot away (never mind!).
Separate menu for tipplers including nice wines… appeared fairly priced menu for alcohol.


Minestrone: Prepared using vegies (some them were unconventional as per theory but practical) as well as chopped penne (appeared), nice orange color, thick-ish, little sour and pungent yet tasteful!

Helen of Troy: Supposed to be veg clear soup but was turbid and not as pretty as Greek myth! Prepared using finely chopped carrots and pieces of cauliflower. I did not like traces of some molten fat floating on the surface though. Tried a spoonful and the taste was average!

Houdini: Quick arrival. Button mushrooms, coated with thin layer of crumb, deep fried and topped up with cocktail sauce (appeared combination of mayonnaise, tomato sauce and some spices). The crust was really thin and was not masking the taste of the mushroom; the bite was oozing with mushroom flavors.

Cecelia: Bread topped up with black olive slices, sun dried tomatoes, cheese and sprinkle of herbs. Tasteful!

Rosa: It took really long and a reminder to reach to the table. Spaghetti with herbs topped up with spring onion, white-thick-cheesy sauce; it was heavy. Interesting preparation!

Noir: Thin slices of roasted lamb (well-done) plated on a layer of sauté red onions and capsicum, topped up with mélange sauce. Served along with cheesy potato paste (not pure!). The combination food texture (i.e. crunch of capsicum-onion with fineness of lamb), infused flavors and taste of the sauce was divine!

Nostradamus: Tried a morsel; it was roasted chicken (little hard). The sauce had hints of mustered, black pepper and garlic. Tasteful!

Total: Rs 1730 (no tax…all inclusive price on the menu… wow!!!)

Summary –
Ambiance: 4
Taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4 (helpful elderly staff member)
Value for money: 4
Overall: 4

Valet parking… that’s great!
Slow service during peak hours.