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“Value for money grill and buffet with nice taste!!!”

Located on the top floor of R Deccan Mall; this place which is a one of the outlets of BBQ Nation chain offers great option for buffet, grill and drinks in the heart of the city.

One air-conditioned hall and one open-air (read partially covered) terrace, this place has seating capacity in plenty which is augmented by similar number of visitors… a busy place (Though walk-in option can be explored if it is early evening but reservations is preferable). Touch of yellow and brown in everything, partial wooden finish in furniture, a little cramped place with signs of aging.

Usual buffet menu including veg and non-veg; two soups, five-six salads, about ten dry and wet main preparations from Indian and global cuisines, rice and biryani, Dal; desert section with moose, pastry, Indian sweets, fresh fruits etc.
If there is a food festival; some of the starters and mains are from the cuisine.
Grill preparations as well as preparations of the day which are usually piping hot right from the griddle/ wok bombarded on the table with matchless efficiency.
Decent alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (sorry… though mentioned on the menu but nothing was available on the tap).
Some specialty items like Kulfi.

Tried – Nearly everything.

I liked…
Soup: Coconut cream based thin soup. Mild, thin, with fresh vegies it was delight.
Crab Chili: Crabs in hot and sweet thick gravy with touch of sourness. Messy to eat but great!
SATE Vegies: What I liked is the span of vegies used like colocasia, sweet potato, aubergine, okra as well as tofu etc
Kulfi: It was with marvelous in texture and taste.

Summary –
Ambiance: 3.5
Taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4 (very courteous and polite staff)
Value for money: 4
Overall: 4


Someone on wheelchair in the family; no worries! This place if totally handicap friendly… right from parking to the table.

Someone allergic to spices in the family; Grill preparations without spices/masala can be served on request; non-spicy veg mains with plain dal and boiled rice can be prepared by Chef on request (request in advance to avoid delay).

Celebrating an occasion… just let the staff know and a cake is on the house.

Ask the staff to slowdown else you will not be able to finish the stuff on the grill and it will be overcooked.

For management… I think it’s time to change the crockery (Chipped of plates and cracked soup bowls)

Visited 20 Jul 15