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“Nice option for Kolhapuri Mutton Thali”

This place is located Aga Road near Thermax Chowk. Visited sometime back during lunch time.


One big covered shade with partition in the middle to have separate family section, about 25 plus tables, few waiting chairs, Kitchen on the other extreme side of the hall; it is Dhaba kind of atmosphere.


Pretty much everything (from popular Maharashtrian cuisine) with focus of Kolhapuri and Malwani preparations.


Mutton Fry Thali:

Decent portion of dry Mutton onion based preparation nicely garnished with coriander.

Egg preparation (on request instead of Khima Wati) was decent.

Tambda Rassa which was not very hot but spicy and high on bay leaves as well as aniseed flowers.

Mellow Pandhra Rassa which was high on bay leaves.

Fresh and cold Solkadhi which was higher on Kokam, little hot but very soothing

Bhakhi which was little dry and hardened.

Rice was garnished with deep fried onions and the combination tasted great.

Freshly chopped onions and lemon slices.

Packaged drinking water is expensive @20.

Service- Bit sluggish.

Summary –

Ambiance: 3
Food taste: 4
Food quality: 3.5
Service: 3
Value for money: 3.5
Overall: 3.5