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This review is based on foodie meetup by invitation for tasting select preparation at “18 Degrees@Pimple Saudagar” courtesy Zomato!

I arrived bit late as usual and joined the action just after everyone else got settled.

One of the best usage of three dimensions for creating seating space with best possible utilization of floor space I have ever seen with a difference in third dimension using wooden and concrete structure. This place offers multiple seating options (with candlelight on the table) including conventional western as well as Indian style around water body illuminated in blue located at the center of the floor space as well as towards the edge from where one can see skyline on extended westerns Pune while sitting on roof top under ultra-white canopy. Convention seating also available a level below some of which is under open sky and some under conventional canopies. Some corners I found little cramped.

It was broad spectrum set menu for the event exposing us to different tastes of various cuisines.


Murg Badami Shorba: Thin, little pale yellow in color, strains of melted fat floating over the surface, with chicken chunks at the bottom of the bowl… appeared bled yet it was aromatic and little spicy. Reminded me “Thandai” but this one was lukewarm. Average!

Oriental Green Fish: Little off-white in looks, coated with fresh herbs, tender, soft, skilled efforts were needed to lift a piece unbroken by the fork and it melted in mouth. Deep taste of pepper was long lasting. Nice!

Burmese Cottage Cheese Satay: Grilled Cottage cheese along with bell pepper and capsicum on the skewers. It was blend. I could taste the coconut milk and barbecue satay sauce but failed to detect madras curry powder as mentioned by the Chef. Decent!

Tandoori Phalon Ki Chat: Relatively bigger pieces of Apple, Guava and Pineapple marinated with thin coat of fine paste which tasted like commercial spicy lemon pickle (along with peal) with lots of hot red chili powder; grilled not char grilled. Sweetness of fruits was augmented with sourness of lemon and complimented by heat of chili. Flavorful… and chili in pineapple was kicking back at the throat. Loved it!

Dhunar Murg Tikka: Boneless chicken, marinated in mint-spinach base, really chargrilled! Tasteful and nice!

Indian breads: Tandoori Roti, Lachcha Paratha, Naan and Kulcha (pseudo)… not to forget Kashmiri Naan. Tried Tandoori Roti which appeared made of whole wheat flour and not Maida.

Lal Maas Mathaniya: Appeared slow cooked, decent size tender mutton pieces with bone in red thick gravy with Bedgi red chilies. Could taste fennel seeds and clove. Bangla hand was clearly visible behind this preparation. Enjoyed it with Tandoori Roti!

Mirch Makai Do Pyaja: Vegies in dark brown thick gravy. The preparation was spicy and tasteful. Average!

Chestnut Pilaf: Aromatic preparation of long grain rice with chestnut and garnished with raisins and chestnut chips. It was different and tasteful. Did not gel with anything else on the menu hence tasted in solo. Served cold else could have tasted better. Good!
Gosht Dum Biryani: Aromatic preparation of long grain rice with tender lamb pieces and real Dum. It was great and the taste and flavors lasted very long in the mouth.

Kesari Ras Malai: It was not tender but the hardness was manageable. Flavorful and tasteful. Great!

Date Wontons: Honey tossed, deep fried wonton dumplings and twist was the dates filling. Average!

Jack and Jill: Borrowed a few sips of Jack and Jill from fellow foodie for tasting. It was a cocktail made up of Jack Denials, coke and lots of cardamom, clove and black pepper. Very different and refreshing.
Summary –
Ambiance: 5
Taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 3
Value for money: Did not pay
Overall: 3.5 to 4.0

Worth mentioning:
Live band, two rhythm guitarists and indi-pop numbers.
Courtesy “all OK check” visit by F&B Manger followed by the owner Mr Kaspate… a brief thought sharing about the ambiance and the food.
Mood lighting of main canopy can provide great visibility from long distance.
For parking, you enter from the left gate as you face the mall.
Smoker friendly place but away from tables.