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Tastefully innovative… good way to blend not only ice creams but much more…

How an establishment can change the atmosphere of a locality… this place is a live example. Not very long ago it used to be a building with some usually overlooked small establishments with a deserted look but not anymore.
I dare you to get a parking easily unless you are blessed and as the night grows towards “teenage”; the hustle bustle increases.

As you enter; a gentleman with a warm and friendly smile welcomes you at the door for you (let me tell you Sir… you know how to do hospitality business).
Once you are in; what catches your ears is noise of cutting spades hitting the stone while cutting across as well as pounding on dough of ice cream with something else getting mixed or blended. If you observe carefully; it appears like a stone slab with refrigerant treatment to keep the matter cool while cutting and pounding is in progress.
Cash/order at the right at the entry, preparation in the middle and delivery towards the far end of the counter.
Some seating space on first floor (read busy area) in the main hall with glass walls. Few more upstairs appear bit comfy and a few under open sky on the left of the establishment. Lots of place to sit but patrons usually are in waiting.

It has categories called “Concepts” in category like Nutty, Chocolate, Fresh fruit, Seasonal; which is basically how your ice cream will be blended with other given ingredients. “Concepts” available as small and large portion. There are “concept” for kids which has inclination towards what kids like… jelly, crackers, chocolates, candies etc. Simple flavors are also available as scoops. What I liked was; limited variety of flavors yet creating different flavors, textures and taste by blending well thought ingredients.


First visit…
Considering the queue and availability of lesser time; decided of go for quickest option… take away scoops. Tried Belgium Royal, Choco Fudge, Vanilla (95% sugar free). Ice cream texture was good, consistency was great, hardness in order and true flavors. What I liked: The ice cream cups were packed in a thick paper bag and a few pieces of dry ice was also packed to keep the bag temperature low prevent melting.

Second Visit…
This time I could get a place to sit. As I wanted to try max possible; went for small portions from each section.
Fresh fruit and nuts: Mellow taste of strawberry along with crushed cold chunks of fig, apple, pineapple and lots of roasted cashew nuts. The fruits were releasing flavors gradually but fig was overpowering the rest unless masked by cashew. Good!
Devils brownie: Dark chocolate with little bitterness, softness of brownie, sweetness of sugar… well balanced and delightful.
Dry fruit delight: Lots of crushed and topped up nuts. My mistake! Underestimated power of the fig which tired overpowering rest of the elements. Nice but not in continuation with… Fresh Fruit and Nuts!

Summary –
Ambiance: 4
Taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4 (quick considering the crowd)
Value for money: 4
Overall: 4

Worth mentioning:
Diet concept claiming Zero fat and Zero sugar (what about fruits added!).
95% sugar free ice cream (though mentioned in four different flavors but on first occasion only vanilla was available and on second vanilla and strawberry… never mind!)
Somewhat rookie staff for serving busy outlet!
17% tax!!! Bills available for reference.