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Great Ahmedabadi Thali! (may I say… with little Maharashtrian touch)

Locate on CG road this place is hard to miss as you pass by. Called up to confirmed about the rush and availability; reached the place by 8:15 PM and the place was nearly full.

Big dining hall (read big conventional dining hall) with wooden furniture, low levels of illumination. Somewhat aged just like mother in law!

Standard Thali

Tried- Thali

Stainless steel heavy gauge place and bowls and the serving was done in five minutes flat.

Dal: Usage of tomatoes; little touch of sweetness.
Kadhi: Fried using mustard seeds and green chilies; very sweet.
Paneer Masala: Thick red brown gravy/paste with thin slices of Paneer; little spicy.
Cauliflower fry: Dry preparation with finely chopped cauliflower; little spicy.
Potato gravy: big pieces of boiled potatoes in orange gravy; sweet sour.
Val (field beans) in gravy: Local Val seeds in red gravy; sweet sour preparation. The seeds were not as bitter as they taste in Maharashtra.
Shev-Matar chaat: Partially mashed yellow peas, topped up with chutney, shev and finely chopped onion. Little spicy, not very sweet.
Dhokla: Decent
Matar Gujhiya: Excellent filling of green peas with spices.
Papad: Udad
Salad: Chopped cucumber, tomato and cabbage with some masala.
Green Chutney: Little spicy.
Tamarind Chutney: Sweet and sour.

Chapati, Bhakhri and Puri: Served warm.

Khichdi: Fried using black pepper and clove. Very mellow and tasteful with ghee.
Plain Rice: White and non-sticky. Great
Basundi: Slightly thicker than usual and sweet.
Gulabjamun: Soft but cold.
Chach (butter milk): Not very sour decent on salt.

Overall presence of white sugar in the meal was bare minimum indicating little different style of preparation and taste. Overall very nice experience.

Summary –
Ambiance: 3
Taste: 4
Food quality: 4
Service: 4 (quick and courteous…coordination using snapping fingers)
Value for money: 4
Overall: 3.5 to 4.0

Worth mentioning:
Located at 4th floor and not more than 4 people can board the lift that to with adjustment.