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Decent Thali!

Located Opp Rajpath Club on S G Highway; this place serves decent Thali!
Big dining hall with wooden furniture, stone tabletops, bright illumination. On the walls…big mirrors, paintings, wood craft (read Nakkashi). Matching sealing with crafted and painted POP… attempt to give a royal look. Nice ambiance!
Menu- Thali
Tried- Thali
Stainless steel heavy thali and bowls.
Quick service.
Dal: Yellow dal with sweetness
Kadhi: Sweet sour
Paneer kadhai: Low on spices
Chana: Slimy gravy, touch of sweetness
Batata masala: Thick orange gravy, decent preparation with spices and touch of sweetness.
Talduleene bhaji with Vadi: Semi dry, little bitter and spicy, tasteful.
Dal Bati: Fried dal near authentic Rajasthani preparation!
Dhokla: Resembled Rava idly. Tasty!
Samaosa: Patti samosa, fried peas paste filling with touch of sweetness and spices.
Dosa: with potato peas filling served with chutney (south Indian had was visible)
Warm Puri, lukewarm Roti, Bhakhri (which was ghee drenched)
Khichdi: Served with granular ghee
Plain rice
Chach (buttermilk)
Moong Halwa: Preparation in ghee, garnished with cashew nuts. Tasteful!
Rabdi: Very sweet and freely flowing!
Overall tasteful food with touch of sweetness in majority of items served.
Summary –
Ambiance: 3.5
Taste: 3.5
Food quality: 4
Service: 4
Value for money: 4
Overall: 3.5 to 4.0
Worth mentioning:
A rustic patron talking very loud on mobile phone (nearly 15-20 minutes)… even his own kid as well as staff could not resist … “laughing at”!!!