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Old eatery with taste of its own!

Located on Relief Road (near Lal Darwaja), this popular and old, value for money place serves non-veg / veg food in “style of its own” which appeared inspired by various cuisines/styles (we can agree to disagree)!
Rustic old restaurant feel (it is one of those). Tightly packed with full utilization of space to maximize seating, hardly any room to stretch hands! Only for the people who are purely interested in eating.
Very long menu with popular pan-Indian veg and non-veg preparations as well as some exceptions which were “local delicacies” and not seen anywhere else.
Tried- Three of us tried as much as we can (except desserts)! Wherever there was a doubt about a preparation; we tried asking “the captain” who got irritated after 2 enquirers… and it was guess work after that.
Hot and Sour Veg Soup: Soup with different taste than usual (what not to order)!
Chicken Tangadi Kabab: Greasy with glaze form outside, tender from inside, tasteful.
Chicken Tikka Dry: Requested to make it little spicy. Normal chicken Tikkas appeared wok-tossed in Bedagi as well as spicy red chili powder and fat. Decent!
Butter Naan: Nice and fluffy!
Plain Roti: Wheat flour… whitish in appearance!
Chicken Kadhai: Thick red spicy gravy with soft chicken chunks. Tasty!
Veg Mushroom Masala: Mushrooms and assorted vegetables prepared in brown thick gravy. Not very spicy and tasteful.
Dal Tadka: Dal with spicy tadaka with lots of cumin seeds and other spices (including whole Dhana). It went well with Jeera Fried Rice.
Jeera Fried Rice: Long grained white rice with lots of cumin seeds and fat. Tasteful!
Mutton Biryani: It was not Biryani and I will put it in modified Tahari category. It was garnished with caramelized onions, hard-boiled egg and some white rice. Mutton chunks were tender and tasty. Taste of the preparation was OK from Tahari perspective but not from Biryani!
Summary –
Ambiance: 3
Taste: 3.5
Food quality: 3.5
Service: 3
Value for money: 4
Overall: 3.5
Worth mentioning:
Value for money place with decent food. Family friendly.